100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask Review – Treatment Puffy Eyes

Welcome back to my skin satin blog. Today I want to talk about your eyes. As I already told you in other of my article,(get rid of bags under the eyes click here) eyes are the mirror of our physical form for others. What I mean is that even if we feel good, if we have puffy eyes, people will always end up asking us if we are not a little tired. While perhaps, we are doing very well, but it’s not what our eyes project to others. I no longer have this problem thanks to 100% Pure brand and their great product for the eyes. I have already tried one of their caffeine cream for my eyes. And I have recently tried the Bright Eyes Mask and I can assure you that considering the small price it worth an aesthetic operation. What I mean is as soon as I began this bright Eyes Mask my puffy eyes looked as good as if I sleep 8 hours every night. While we all know as parents, student, worker we don’t have that luxury. So I let make your judgment on the Bright Eyes Mask.

Product: Bright Eyes Mask

Price: $7

Place to buy : 100% Pure.com

Container : 2 hydrogel patch

My Rating: 9 out of 10

100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask Review –
Treatment Puffy Eyes / Overview

This is a mask that deflate puffy eyes and reduces or eliminate dark circles. These are two patches bathed in a liquid made of green tea, aloe vera, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and maté. All these ingredients of natural origin make it possible to restart the micro-circulations at the level of the lower eyelids. This help to drain the skin and all the impurities that have accumulated so the puffy eyes will deflate and the brown or black color will disappear from the eyelids, because the skin will be detoxified. The texture of this mask is hydrogel which makes it very comfortable and refreshing. This mask allows the treatment puffy eyes by moisturizing them deeply. It makes the look more radiant, young and dynamic.


100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask Review –
Treatment Puffy Eyes / My Experience

I ordered this mask at 100% pure website in a pack of 5 because there is an action on it. I tried this experience thanks to this offer.

In the winter, I don’t know about you but I always have eyelids that dry and with my night a little too short sometimes it really gave to my look a very tired style. During a week I test this hydrogel patches every morning. The first time what surprised me was the hydration and the deflation. I went from dry dark and puffy eyelid to a firm and rejuvenated look. The first time I thought it was just because my puffy eyes needed moisturizing and it was not going to have any effect on the long term. Once again I was pleasantly surprised, it is a real treatment puffy eyes because the more I put the mask, the better the skin texture of my eyelids improved.

I then put them in the fridge so that they are even cooler and to keep it longer. Thanks to that my puffy eyes has decongested even faster. I used each mask 3 times by putting them back in the packaging where there was still a lot of liquid products inside. Then I put them back in the fridge and the effect was still so powerful.

If you are interested but don’t want to use them every day because you have to leave them 15 to 20 minutes on your eyes each time. After my week of testing, I realize that I couldn’t do it every morning, so you can do like me and use this masks for occasional care. You can use it for an appointment with your darling, a wedding, or just because you want to pamper yourself one day in the week.

I have already tried this mask for the face version and I assure you that the effect is just as incredible. You have to try them to really realize it. It really worth it especially for each mask by putting them back in their packaging and then in the fridge you can at least use them 3 times.


If you want to test hydrogel face mask don’t hesitate to click here


100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask Review –
Treatment Puffy Eyes / Why have we puffy eyes?

There are many reasons to puffy eyes but it often not serious. In the morning when we wake up with puffy eyes it’s because during the night the body that was at rest slowed the blood and lymphatic circulation. You just have to move in the day doing the daily activities to see your puffy eyes disappear.

Your eyes may be puffy because of your diet, if you eat a lot of salt, it can make water retention in your body and water can accumulate under your eyes.

Or it’s simply because you have not slept enough or drunk a little too much alcohol the day before.

The only puffy eyes that the Bright Eyes Mask can’t erase, this are the bags of fat under the eyes. It is fat that was around the eyes to protect them that came down under the eyes. In this case there is only surgery that can overcome it. It’s always good to go to see your ophthalmologist, if you have puffy eyes that remain permanently, it may be due to this problem.



100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask Review –
Treatment Puffy Eyes / natural ingredients

As always the ingredients of the brand 100% Pure are completely natural and a very high quality.

ALOE VERA fights against aging by nourishing the skin in depth.

GREEN COFFEE makes the blood micro circulation restart, reduces and prevent puffiness and eliminates dark circle.

GREEN TEA and COCOMBER HYDROLATE revive the epidermis, tighten the pores of the skin and brighten the complexion.

YERBA MATE and YALURONIC ACID stimulate collagen, replenish and tone the skin.



100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask Review –
Treatment Puffy Eyes / Conclusion

The bright eyes mask was an interesting experience for me. It allowed me to discover another way to maintain a beautiful look. I don’t use it every day because it’s a bit long to apply each morning. But I keep them for occasion or simply when I have time to take care of myself. I highly recommend it if you have puffy eyes from time to time because it’s a really good treatment puffy eyes and the result is fast and impressive.




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