I am Astrid, I was always fascinated by the beauty and the well-being. That’s why I always dedicated to help my friends and my family to feel good in their body and in their skin.

I think there is nothing superficial to want to have a beautiful appearance. On contrary, when we are proud of oneself, we are much more open to the others, and we have much more love to give.

That’s why I love helping the other people to make increase their self-esteem by helping them to improve.


When I was a teenager I had a lot of problems with my skin because of acne, and I had the measles when I was a child. After my measles and my acne I had a lot of scars of buttons on my skin face. And when you are a young woman and you want to be attractive as much as for friends girls than boys, It can be a very disturbing situation.

To solve my skin problem, I went to many doctors, I made a lot of treatments, I spent a lot of money and my skin was always like a skin of giraffe! That might look like funny but it was very very difficult for my self-esteem. It was very difficult to face eyes of others.

One day I decided to stop my treatment for acne ( Laser, pills …) and I tried lightening cream. This stuff change my life!! My skin tone become better and better. I don’t say that it’s a solution for everybody. But that could complete the treatment against acne or scar.




There is not just acne problem, there is also the desire for a person with a dark skin to make it more clear. There is no evil in the fact that our skin reflect what we are inside.

There is also skins with sun spot, age spot, spot due to excess of melanin. And all this kind of skin problem, can disturb the social life of someone

The most important is to feel good in its body.



My goal is to propose products safe for the health of your skin and very effective. There is a lot of whitening cream in the market that are very dangerous for the skin and I want my good experience with these products benefit to the others.

We have just one skin and it would be very sad to damage it instead of improving it!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. You can send me some questions at info@skinsatin.com

All the best,





  1. The main objective is to promote items safe for health of the skin. They have to be highly effective.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Yes, all the products and tips I propose
      on my blog is natural and safe for the body.
      I used it all on myself and I will never advise products
      that I didn’t test on myself first.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a skin lightening cream provided it has natural ingredients and wouldn’t have any effect on the skin. Then it okay by me.

    • It’s better to have natural ingredients in lightening
      cream because some of this cream are made with chemcals very
      dangerous for your health and your skin.

  3. I’m all for natural treatments, as my skin is pretty sensitive to a lot of things. As there are tons of beauty products and beauty blogs online, I’m really into looking into products made with natural ingredients and/or natural remedies and your blog pretty much fits the bill. Looking forward to more of your product reviews as well as any kind of recommendations of natural ways to make my skin healthier.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      I hope my blog will help you. I have
      very sensitive skin also and all the
      tips and tricks and the brand made with natural products,
      I talk about in my blog really
      help me.

  4. It is nice to know some information about you dear! I love that you test products yourself first before advising others to use it on them. I will definitely support you every step of the way! Cheers love.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      I’m happy to have you in my team Rae!
      I hope my articles will help you.

  5. I personally enjoy reading your articles about skin because they are very detailed and provide real solutions. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      I hope my tips and tricks in my differents
      articles will help you and others.

  6. Good one Astrid, you are doing a good job of making our skin look beautiful with all the products you recommend daily for our skin.kudos for a job well done.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      I really hope my articles will help you
      and others to feel better about yourself.

  7. This is so in demand right now. I do not know what it is but it must be the media. I am not taking this lightly though since to most color is an issue. If this can help why not.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, some people take this product
      for lighten their skin but a lot of people are
      like me and just want to cure their skin.

  8. I would like to use all natural products on my skin this new year. I hope you will be have lots of article of natural skin products in this site.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you want use natural products, you are
      in the good place for that. I just make articles
      about natural products and all the brands that I talk
      about are made with natural product.
      I hope my articles will help you.

  9. That’s nice you want to help other people struggling with their skin. I definitely had many blemishes when I was in high school and could have used a more effective product. It’s good to know which creams are safe and which ones will cause scars. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes, I try to give some useful
      tips and I hope it will help you and others.

  10. Thank you for making a dent in this world by sharing your knowledge. You have no idea how much it helps, especially for someone like me who has a lot of insecurities.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Thank you so much for what you said,
      it’s for help people to find new alternatives that
      I started my blog. So, if I help you I reach my first goal.

  11. I am glad for this blog as it offers a variety of homemade remedies as well as being informative about types of skin problems. Cheers to you, Astrid!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, I made it for helping the people who
      prefer natural products for themself.

  12. This blog would be a great one for those who wanted to have a glowing skin. Thank you for sharing tips and helping those in need. More power to this page.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The skin is important for a lot of people women or men
      so I hope it will help.

  13. Hi Astrid, what a pleasure to hear about you and your journey. Seems like you have a lot of passion for skin care. I will follow your blog and also share it on Facebook.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes, the skin is a big part of our body,
      we could feel really bad when our skin goes crazy.
      Thanks for reading me.

  14. I just love the goal of your site helping people to have and wear better skin. This is such a huge commitment and you’re really appreciated by me.

  15. I love your name Astrid and I like what your personality stands for. Giving beauty to everyone that needs it.I’m so happy to find your site.

  16. I have always been insecure about my skin. I want a much lighter skin. I know that some people want to be darker but I feel more confident if my skin is lighter.

  17. This is a great blog Astrid and I like what you are doing. Sure there’s absolutely nothing wrong or superficial about wanting to be beautiful. It even help raise one’s self esteem.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      It’s true appearance is important to many people
      and I think it’s a way to respect

  18. I stand by the goals you have set out for this site and I’m glad to be part of it. We have just one skin and we should do well to take proper care of it.

  19. I always enjoy reading your articles about skin. They have taught me so much about skin that i never new. Great.

  20. It seems your passion for skin comes from your past experiences. No wonder its always very detailed and informative. Keep it up.

  21. Your story is inspiring Astrid and I can relate a lot to it. Keep sharing and inspiring others who had the same obstacles.

  22. I have always had a super sensitive skin which has brought me a lot of insecurities. Your story just made me stronger. Thanks.

  23. I think you are helping a lot of people with skin problems by sharing your tips. I look forward to more of your posts

  24. Astrid thanks so much for sharing your story. It’s an inspiration to me and it’s a good cause.

  25. Your heart is in the right place, Something that we need more of these days. On that note I wish you all the success and more power.

  26. I love it when a company does not just talk about money all the time. Do not get me wrong profits/money results do matter but at times there is more to it than that. At times it can be as trivial as helping people. Good read.

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