Body hair lightening cream

Hello every body welcome back to my Skinsatin blog. Today, I want to talk about something that is dear to my heart! I want to talk about the body hair!!! We all have hair on the body, it’s completely natural. But I admit that it bugs me in some places! Not you? I am sure some of you would like to see them disappear!



The down who has pride of place on our face, our lips, our arms and our legs can be embarrassing. If you are like me, really softies, waxing or using an electric epilator should scare you!




How to lighten body hair

First of all, know that aren’t permanent results. The discoloration has a duration of about a month. And before applying the body lightening cream it is important to test on an area of the body. Then wait 24 hours to make sure you are not allergic.

If you want to lighten an area of the body, you’ll take a small cream amount that you will put on the area that you want treated. The cream has to cover the entire surface of the hair.

Then let the cream act for a few minutes, expecting the duration indicated. The time duration will be stipulated on the packing leaflet. Then rinse the area with clear water. It will necessary be to repeat the operation to get the desired result. You will get a hair almost invisible for about a month.

Body hair lightening cream an effective and painless solution

Finished with troublesome hairs and down on our face and our legs! Thanks to the body lightening cream which will change our life! This technique will allow us to discolor our superfluous hair too dark without going trough painful method. The body hair lightening cream helps to push back the hair removal phase while remaining visually presentable. You should know that the hair will be virtually invisible and we will stay quite a little longer before the next hair removal.

The cream adapts to different body part and makes each treated part almost invisible. To effectively lighten dark hair, these body hair lightening cream often contain a chemical solution that contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. But don’t worry all this is dosed to respect our skin. That’s why it’s good to test the cream on a small body area before the first use, because your skin could be more sensitive

Different Body hair lightening cream

There are many kinds of texture to discolor the hair. Me, I prefer the cream texture because it’s easier to apply and it is in tube format, so I can be more precise and cover all my hair. There are powders which are less precise but also very effective in terms of results.

So you understand, if you are like me very softies it is an effective solution to hide the hair that we don’t want to see.


There is some discoloration kit where you have to mix cream and powder. It will be necessary to mix them together so that they form a homogeneous mixture. Then you apply the mixture to the skin as a classic body hair lightening cream.

What hair type and where apply the body hair lightening cream?

I must admit although it is practical it is not as effective as waxing or an epilator! The body lightening cream is applied on the short hairs and the down. So they will be easier to lighten and visually conceal them. You must understand that if the hair is too long your hair will be lighten, for that the cream will work well. But if they are too long, there won’t be this invisibility effect. And this effect is what we are searching!

If you have very dark hair, you have to make several applications to get the discoloration that we want so much, which is a light hair almost invisible.

BE CAREFUL! The application of these creams can’t be applied all over the body. You must avoid the mucous. For the face avoid eye contact. For the body bikini-line area.

It is better not to expose to hard light and to the heat the first 24h because your skin will be a bit more sensitive. It is better to wear clothes which cover your skin if you have to go out the first 24h. Avoid using it if you have an irritated skin, or if you have sunburn. You must first let your skin heal. These creams are not recommended to the pregnant women

A last advice: Even if you have to make several applications to see the final results on very dark hairs, I advise you to never ever use a professional cream that hairdresser use for your hair. This kind of cream is not the same use and it could certainly burn your skin


The body hair lightening cream that I propose you on my blog are made with as much natural products as possible. But there are some products such as ammonia and oxygenated water that are difficult to replace. We all have different body that do not react all the same way to the products. Me, I always try different products to see what suits me best. I have a very sensitive skin and sometimes it could react because there may be more chemical than in another bottle. But I can assure you that these body hair lightening creams are very effective when you want to postpone hair removal for a few weeks. I always make sure to test cream made in Europe or United States. I do this because I want to know what’s in my bottle and I can talk to someone if I have a problem.

Luckily, I never have to complain about the products that I propose you on this blog. I will never suggest you a product that I will not use myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!






  1. Interesting findings. Good tip on watching out for professional creams used by hairdressers. I also agree, that creams that come out of a tube should be easier to apply.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it’s really not advisable to use
      cream used by hairdresser. It can
      really damage your skin.

  2. The body hair lightening cream is prepared with natural products. There are nice products like ammonia that cannot be replaced.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you buy a product for lighten your body hair.
      it is sure that you will find ammonia. if you
      have sensitive skin it’s better to make a test
      on your skin first.

  3. I usually just shave when removing hair from my body since I have a lot. Do you think this cream would work for black hair?

    • Thanks for your question.
      Yes it will work for black hair but
      for best result, your hair need to be short.

  4. You are doing a good job with giving out all these solutions and there are naturally made products too. These are highly recommended products for everyone.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      I try to find some solutions less expensive
      that can help every people who prefer don’t
      put all their money in too expensive products.

  5. I would love to try the cream, since my body hair is quite thick and grows very fast. Waxing is quite painful for me and also requires time.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      We can be very sensitive with waxing and shaving, lighten
      the hair can help sensitive skin.

  6. Good one for the readers of this blog. I hope pregnant women will read where they are not to use this product. Good that we can lighten the body hairs with natural products.

  7. Oh wow, this product is amazing, I’m going to recommend this to one of my friend since she a very sensitive skin too!

  8. I am in terested in this hair lightening cream because I need it to lighten the hair on my armpits. I shave but the effect is that the hair that grows are much darker and thicker. Lightening it can also lessen the number of times I have to shave.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I definitely agree with you.
      We don’t always have time for waxing or
      shaving. Lighten the hair save so much time!

  9. This is really great, and I’m surprised that there are lightening creams for unwanted body hair. I was today years old when I found out. Now thanks to your article, I will have less worries and wouldn’t have to always shave all the unwanted hair that I have because I can now ask around about it and buy it.

  10. Great recommendations, especially for someone like me with sensitive skin. I’ve always been hesitant to use hair lightening cream, but now I’m interested.

  11. I wonder if one of the creams will work for me? I am currently taking medicine that one of the side effects include having more hair – not steroids, something else. Maybe I should ask my doctor first ‘no? Anyway, thank you for the advice!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you follow a treatment prescribe
      by your doctor, it’s better to ask him/her if you
      want a change.

  12. This page never failed to amaze me with their skincare tips. I am person who is so obsesses with my skin. Thank you so much for this.

    • Thank for your kind comment.
      Yes, I made this blog because I am
      obsesse with my skin too. I’m happy
      if it’s useful for you too.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I hope it could helps you.
      If you have very dark hair it works well if they are short.

  13. Thanks for the the last advice about using a professional cream that hairdresser use for hair. At least I have an idea that improper application of this kind of cream could burn my skin.

  14. Good suggestions for keeping the body hair lightened.I have noted I don’t have to apply it without testing it out first.

  15. Though sometimes I prefer waxing but if there’s a cream that can do the job, then why not, if it will help me achieve the same good purpose.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it can really help but the result will
      better if you cut your hair if they are too long.

  16. I really need this post right now. I’m tired of shaving my legs and I think the best solution is to just lighten my body hair. Hope this works! Thanks!

  17. Thank you so much for this! I’ve always wanted to know alternatives and the likes for lightening creams. This definitely helped me a lot.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I’m sure it will help you.
      Just be persistent and patient with natural products.

  18. Great share..I’m sure those with hairs all over their body will find this useful..I have never heard of hair body hair lightening cream though..

  19. Awesome body hair lightening cream. It’s just to apply little on the area that we wish and it will be very painless.

  20. Will try this out and maybe on a part I just want to test out to be sure about it in 24 hours before using it on other parts of my body.

  21. When applying it on the face as an extra precaution maybe the eyes and mouth can be covered. I’d really want to try this though.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you try my natural remedies you don’t
      need any precaution.But if you want to try another
      product you have to read the package insert first.

  22. As a rule of thumb I always check the ingredients of the cream before applying. You never know if it has some harmful substances

  23. Is this recommended for all skin types? I have dark skin and I’m not sure if I can do this.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes this is for all skin type, but
      if you are not sure you can always ask
      to a dermatologist.

  24. Just to add to this it’s always best to check with a dermatologist if one is unsure. Some skins are more sensitive than others.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Totally agree with you, we always need
      the help of a dermatologist when we are not

  25. Some of the tips I already use this.But would definitely use the others.Thank you for this.

  26. I know we love to waxed and shave. But using.lighten products on
    the hair of the skin can help sensitive skin.

  27. This is a very helpful post for those that need to keep body’s hair away. I will try this one out on my sensitive skin.

  28. I do not mind having hair but if it becomes to much, I would not mind using this. Is this out in the market now???

  29. It is so nice that the author included a disclaimer for this. As a woman my skin tends to be sensitive that is why I shave my legs often. With that said though, I may give this a try.

  30. Yea, I will need a skin that breathes wellbeing. Anything that will help keep my skin smooth without blemishes will be highly welcomed.

  31. This should be my best option now since I can’t just stand shaving or waxing. Anything for my delicate skin is welcomed by me.

  32. This is a cream that should be tested. My question is how many times are we to use the cream daily. can one just use it once daily?

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It depends on he cream you will buy.
      You have to follow the instructions.
      But once your hair are lighten you will
      wait for the regrowth.

  33. My legs just need this body hair lightening cream. My legs are just too hairy and I don’t really like. it will be good to use this cream on it.

  34. Where has this been all my life? I’ve tried all sorts of body hair removal solutions and they’ve done more harm than good over time 🙁

  35. Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide composition sounded a bit scary for me but thanks for the great explanation. I can comfortably purchase this products and try it out. Thanks for the post.

  36. I’d love to try this cream, I use jeans most of the time and I really don’t like to shave my legs a lot because the hair seems to get stronger, I have a tiny hair but I’ll feel better if it wasn’t visible , and I think this cream can be the solution.

  37. I have a super sensitive skin, and It gets easily irritated when I shave. Maybe I can use it in some areas of my body like face and armpits for when the hair is starting to grow and is not very visible.

  38. This beats waxing in so many levels. I do not dislike hair but if it too much particularly on my chest , I usually go to a saloon for that. With this my life would be so much easier.

  39. I too prefer cream based products given their ease of application. They’re just easier to work with on the whole.

  40. I didn’t know it was even possible to lighten skin hair. Great work on this informative read Astrid.

  41. I wonder if there are any products that offer a permanent hair discoloration. It’d be interesting to know a few.

  42. I once used the hairdresser’s cream to try and lighten hair on my legs. I couldn’t stand the irritation. It’s good you’ve warned against this.

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