Coconut oil for the face – The Best Solutions for The Skin

Welcome back to my Skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about coconut oil for the face. Coconut oil for the face is a real gift for the skin. It’s true that when we talk about oily products like coconut oil, we don’t imagine it on the skin of our face. Well! think again! Coconut oil for the face is what can best happen to your skin. It’s an oil full of essential nutrients for the good health of our skin. I use it in my daily routine for several years and what I can say is that my skin is smooth, without pimples, without wrinkles and bright. And don’t forget the beautiful smell of coconut oil for the face, it reminds us of holidays, hot sand beaches and a little sensuality. So if you want to know how to maintain beautiful skin with coconut oil, follow the guide!

Coconut oil for the face – Why use coconut oil for the face?

Coconut oil comes from the pressure of fresh coconut pulp. It can have several textures, it is basically solid but once heated, it becomes very liquid. Which doesn’t detract from its qualities.

Coconut oil for the face is very interesting because it contains vitamins A and E which are very strong antioxidant. These vitamins are very good for skin renewal and help to limit the damage that the sun can cause on the skin. Indeed, coconut oil for the face blocks about 20% of the ultraviolet but solar protection is essential.

Thanks to its antibacterial agent, coconut oil for the face protects the skin from germs, bacteria and fungi, which is ideal for people who like me suffer from adult acne. As you can read from my blog, I use a lot of natural products to calm my skin acne and thanks to coconut oil, I don’t really suffer from any skin problem like the spots on the skin or acne pimples. But what I noticed during the first week of use of coconut oil is that it has a very strong moisturizing power, my skin is much softer and plumped where it started to hollow slightly. Indeed, you will see it, by reading the article, the coconut oil for the face is an excellent anti-wrinkle remedy because it regulates the acid balance of the skin. Then when you have injuries or as it can happen you have pierced a pimple that you were fed up with, then the coconut oil can be applied to the wound that is left by the pimple and traces of scars will disappear faster.

So that coconut oil for the face is really effective, it is better to choose virgin, first cold pressed and unrefined oil.

Coconut oil for the face – Against Acne

As I explained above, coconut oil for the face contains anti-bacterial and antimicrobial agents. Thanks to this, coconut oil can fight against acne and eliminate it. Coconut oil provides the skin with the minerals needed to get rid of acne. It allows thanks to the hydration it brings to the skin to soften the inflammation and redness caused by pimples. Coconut oil for the face can be mixed with plenty of ingredients to fight against acne, but it is quite possible to use virgin coconut oil alone to treat acne scars.


Baking soda is an antimicrobial and anti fungal, which helps to absorb excess sebum and exfoliate gently, honey will hydrate and also cleanse the skin

You will need:

-1 tablespoons of raw honey – 1 teaspoons of baking soda – 1 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil

Mix all the ingredients together until you obtain a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your face and avoid the eyes, mouth an eyebrows’ area. Rub the dough for 1 or 2 minutes in a slow circular motion. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Thanks to the lactic acid, yogurt is a very good exfoliant and thanks to the lipids it contains, it acts gently and doesn’t harm the skin. Yogurt, like coconut oil for the face, clarifies the skin, unclogs the pores of the skin. With these two ingredients you will have a smooth skin and full of freshness.

You will need:

– 2 teaspoons of coconut oil – 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt

Melt the 2 teaspoons of coconut oil for 5 seconds in the microwave. Add the tablespoons of natural yogurt. Mix until both ingredients form a homogeneous paste and apply it on your face. As it is a liquid preparation, it will be easier to lie on your back with a towel on the head to avoid mixing your hair. Thus, the mask will not drop on the ground. And to avoid putting it everywhere, use a cotton ball to apply it. But you can always do it with your fingers.

After applying the mask on your skin, don’t leave more than 15 minutes. Then rinse your face with cold or warm water until you have removed all the fat. Then wipe your face with a soft towel.

Once you’re done, even if you have some of it left in the bowl, throw the rest of the mixture in the trash. It doesn’t keep at all, even by putting it in the fridge.

Coconut oil for the face – Avoiding wrinkles

Thanks to the fact that coconut oil for the face deeply hydrates the skin, it helps to delay the appearance of the signs of aging. The coconut oil on the face destroys the action of free radicals on the skin, then the cells of the skin don’t become oxidized and therefore don’t age prematurely. Coconut oil for the face, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which is very important for keeping skin plumed and toned.


Vitamin E is the vitamin of youth, it delays the effects of aging thanks to its antioxidants.

You will need:

– 2 tablespoons of coconut oil – 2 capsules of vitamin E

Mix the 2 ingredients together in a bowl and apply the mask on the area you want to treat. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Olive oil softens, protects and heals the skin, while vitamin E has antioxidant properties and protects against early aging, and lavender essential oil soothes, refreshes, regenerates, repairs and heals the skin.

You will need:

– 1 tablespoons of coconut oil – 2 capsules of vitamin E – 1/4 cup of olive oil – 3 drops of lavender essential oil

In a saucepan over low heat, heat the olive oil and coconut oil for a few minutes. Stir without stopping until the coconut oil melts and add the 2 vitamin E capsules. Then the drops of the essential lavender oil.

Once the mixture is completed, transfer to a covered container and place in a dry place at room temperature. This will allow the mixture to solidify thanks to the coconut oil for the face that it contains and it will have a creamy texture. You will be able to use this mixture each evening after you have washed your face.

Coconut oil for the face – Erase black spots

As you have read throughout my article, coconut oil for the face has great benefits for the skin. It is also the perfect ingredient to fade or completely remove black spots from the skin. This is thanks to the vitamins A and E which manage to destroy the imperfections of the skin due to the sun or to the scars of pimples.


Glycerin is a powerful antibacterial, it helps to delay the arrival of wrinkles by smoothing the skin and keeps the skin constantly hydrated. Glycerin is found in many beauty products for the skin. Powdered milk removes dead cells from the skin thanks to lactic acid, it tightens the pores of the skin and has a whitening effect that unifies the complexion. The lemon thanks to its vitamins C cleans the skin deeply, it eliminates the excess of accumulated fat in the skin and it naturally whitens the skin by lightening the complexion gradually.

You will need:

– 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for the face – 3 to 5 drops of natural glycerin – 2 tablespoons of powdered milk – 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Wash your face with a neutral soap and gently dry it by tapping with a cotton towel. Spread the mixture on your skin and keep it all night. The next morning, rinse your face with cold water and moisturize your skin with your usual cream.

Make this mask 2 times a week and you will have quick results.

As it is an abrasive mask don’t go over twice a week and don’t go to the sun just after applying it. That’s why it’s best to do it in the evening.

Coconut oil for the face – Conclusion

Coconut oil for the face is a real blessing. It can really help to heal your skin quickly and safely. It is a natural product, but unlike other natural products, coconut oil for the face gives fairly fast results. Which is very motivating to continue using it. So don’t hesitate to do it if you are not allergic to coconut oil, it will get you out of your skin problems in no time.


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