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Welcome back to my skinsatin blog. Today I want to talk about the wrinkles. It happens to us all, sooner or later to have wrinkles. It depends on our genetics or the lifestyle we have. It’s not always very nice but it’s life, wrinkles are a part of our body’s life cycle. No one escape wrinkles vent the most beautiful star. But we can always learn to erase wrinkles to feel better. There are a lot of more or less interesting methods to erase wrinkles and others a little too violent that can give us a wax doll look. Me, I am in my thirties and I don’t have a wrinkles problem anymore. I understood that I need to use the surrounding nature to do me good and since that day, I have no more worries to have about erase wrinkles. I don’t say that I have a frozen face, but my wrinkles are no longer there or almost no longer there. So come into my world and see how I erase wrinkles and always seem to come out of a beauty salon. Follow the guide!

Erase Wrinkles – What is a winkle ?

The winkle is a fold in the skin that is visible or not. When I say visible or not it’s because you have 2 kinds of wrinkles. You can have dynamic wrinkles, this is the one that are not visible if you don’t have an expression on your face like a smile or frown. Dynamic wrinkles only appear when you laugh or you get angry and other face expressions, like goose paste on the edge of the eyes, the lines on the sides of the lips, the folds on the forehead and so on. Dynamic wrinkles can appear at any age whether you are young or older. This is the statics wrinkles that are consistently visible and that people would like to erase, because they find themselves looking older with them.

When a person start having wrinkles at a young age, we tend to say that it’s genetic. It’s not always true, there is also the lifestyle of the person and the skin type that will have an influence on the skin.


It’s a good thing to want to erase wrinkles but sometimes it can happen that the furrows in our skin that we take for wrinkles are actually lines of dryness. It’s when the skin is poorly moisturizing or not moisturizing at all. There are often fine lines around mouth, eyes and on the forehead. In this case erase wrinkles is very simple, just drink enough and apply a good moisturizer on your skin.

Erase Wrinkles – Natural Solutions

As soon as we reach the age of 25 our production of collagen decreases. Then we can begin to see the first wrinkles, but this is no longer a fatality thanks to plenty of natural remedies, we can erase wrinkles so that they become a bad memory.


Banana is a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and avocado brings omega 3 and other fatty acid good for the body. Together, they repair the skin very well. And to eliminate dead skin we can add egg white.

To erase wrinkles you will need:

1/2 avocado – 1/2 banana – 1 egg white

Crush the avocado pulp with a fork and add the banana and crush it with the avocado. Beat the egg white and add to the mixture. Mix very well all the ingredients together to obtain a thick paste.

How to use it:

Clean the area you want to treat and apply a thin layer of the mixture on these areas. You can also apply this mixture on your stroke and your cleavage.

Leave the mask for 25 minutes and you can make it 2 to 3 times a week.


Thanks to its acid lactic, yogurt can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles at the level of the eyes and mouth. Its action is even stronger thanks to honey and banana because it will bring hydration and antioxidant on the skin.

To erase wrinkles you will need:

1/4 cup of yogurt – 1 teaspoons of honey – 2 teaspoons of orange juice – 1/4 cup of crush banana

In a bowl, crush the banana with a fork and add yogurt, mix it until you obtain a creamy paste. Then incorporated honey and orange juice. Mix everything until all ingredients are well integrated.

How to use it:

Exfoliate and wash your face and apply the mixture with your finger.

Leave on your face for 15 to 20 minutes to let the skin absorb the nutrients.

Rinse with lukewarm water.
You can make this mask 3 times a week.


Apply the mixture after exfoliating the skin as it penetrates your skin better.

To erase wrinkles you will need:

1/2 cup of coconut oil – 2 tablespoons of sugar – 1 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

How to use it:

Massage the mixture on your skin by doing circular movements. Wipe with a damp cloth and rinse with cold water.

You can do it 3 times a week.

Erase Wrinkles – Medical Solutions

If you prefer medicine to nature, you can always try cosmetic medicine to erase wrinkles. It’s quite expensive but there are several effective solutions.


This solution is very effective and safe if it properly applied. It erases deep wrinkles and fine lines and redraw the contour of the face without doing any heavy medical operation.


It’s a product that can be quite controversial but you should know that it’s very effective at erasing wrinkles. It should always be done with a doctor in plastic surgery or dermatology. It’s them who have the know-how. They know the right dosage to inject after an inintial consultation.


The peeling makes it possible to restore the skin a lot of freshness and erases some fine lines that could mark and age the skin. It’s often women over 40 who do it, it is very deep, painful but very effective.


The most well-known aesthetic method of surgery is face lift. This is a very heavy method and not everyone can do it. It depends on the condition of your skin. The consequences of the operation are quite long and it will take a dozen days for the skin to deflate. And several weeks to regain sensations in the part of the skin that has been lifted.

Erase Wrinkles – Prevention

To avoid fighting the damage of the time too early, it’s important that you take care of your skin at an early age. Thus, your skin will remain beautiful and supple for many years and you will not need to erase winkles.

1/ To wash your skin it’s better to use an oil-free cleanser and rinse it with lukewarm water rather than hot or cold water. And when you apply the cleanser, it’s better to apply it by making circular motion with the tips of your fingers.

2/ To erase wrinkles, it’s good to use a collagen mask to saturate your skin with collagen that we naturally have in our human body, but that we start losing at the age of 25. You can buy collagen tissue mask that you can apply on your face.

3/ Apply anti-wrinkles cream on your face and on the eyes’ area. This will help erase wrinkles if you have them or will prevent them from appearing too early if you don’t have them because your skin will retain its suppleness.

4/ Protect yourself from the sun with a good sunscreen.

5/ Consume drinks and food full of antioxidant.(green tea, blueberries, pomegranates …)

6/ Massage your face with oil containing omega 3 that will repair your skin ( almond oily, fish oils …)

7/ Control the expression of your face because strong facial expression can turn into wrinkles.

Erase Wrinkles – Conclusion

Today there are plenty of natural or medical solutions to erase wrinkles, but it’s always better to take control of ourselves in order to avoid degradind our face skin prematurely. Before complaining about change in our body, we must first think of having a healthier and responsible life. We can’t put the appearance of wrinkles simply on genetics, our way of life also influences our genetics. Erase wrinkles can be a good thing, but let’s not forget that wrinkles are a natural phenomenon which we can’t fight entirely. It’s also the story of our life which is drawn on our body. So let’s be happy to grow old in good health and don’t be too hard on our body.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment. So have a good dayor a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!


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