Freckle removal creams – Best and true solutions

Hello welcome back to my Skinsatin Blog, to day I want to talk about this beautiful little spots that some people have on the skin and sometimes give complex. I am talking about freckles. Some people see them as a nightmare and others as a charm. For those who see them as a nightmare I have some solutions effective to propose you. These solutions could be with every day ingredients or with freckle removal creams. So I let you read my article and make what is best for you.

Freckle removal creams -What are freckles ?

According to American Dermatologie Association, the freckles are a skin problem. They appear on the face in the area of the nose and cheeks. But sometimes also on the shoulders and décolleté. You have to know that you are not born with, freckles because they are small colored lesion which appear at the first exposure of the child to the sun. They appear on fragile and sensitive skin with often genetic predisposition. For the red-haired people, freckles are irreversible and more difficult to fade. For the others, freckles could fade or disappear with good natural product and with freckles removal creams.

Skin with freckles need a lot more hydration because they are thinner and drier than matte skins. I am talking about pure hydration but also about protection, indeed the risk of melanoma that causes cancer is higher on this type of skin. But don’t worry about your freckles contrary to popular belief the freckles don’t turn into cancer. Don’t confuse them with moles.

The great solution to avoid freckles is to expose the skin as little as possible to the sun which could be very complicate. But the use of cream protection is really very important!


Freckle removal creams -Concoct granny receipt with freckles removal creams

Honestly, if you are redhead your freckles will be difficult or impossible to remove. You could always try the solutions that I propose but the chances are that is doesn’t work.

However, for the person who are mixed race, matte skin, blond skin the erasing or the fading of your freckles will be completely possible. For that, you could try the granny remedies very simple to do at home and mix with the freckle removal cream I will propose you. On my skin, the mix of both method has been effective.



You will need a 1/2 lemon

and a cotton ball

– Squeezed the lemon and apply it to the affected areas. Then massage this spot by making circular movements during 10 to 15 minutes.

– Rinse your face with water and dry it. Then apply the freckle removal creams.

– Repeat once or twice a week until the spot disappear or fade.

Between this 1 or 2 applications remember to use your freckle removal creams until the freckles disappear.




Lemon is one of the best natural remedies for alleviate freckles and scars, and to treat many skin imperfections. It is a natural lightener. Indeed, it can lighten the skin and hair color naturally. The freckle natural creams speed up this process.



a tablespoon of organic honey

few drops of water




– Mix the honey with just a few drops of water until you obtain a homogeneous mixture

– Apply this mixture on the spots with the Q-tip and let act for 10 to 15 minutes.

– Rinse this area with water and dry it. Then apply the freckle removal creams.

Between this applications remember to use you freckle removal creams until the freckles disappear.




Honey helps to calm irritated skin, it naturally moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. It protects the skin against the free radical and alleviates freckles. On the other hand honey nourishes and cleanses the skin.

Freckle removal creams -Hydration of the skin for best results with freckle removal creams

As I told you at the beginning of this article your sensitive skin is much more sensitive than some others and needs a lot of hydration. Just apply freckle removal cream and use granny remedies won’t be enough if you don’t take care beforehand.

The best tip for a perfect hydration is argan oil. To nourish, moisturize, soften and regenerate the skin of the face and the body, argan oil is the best natural product to use.

From Morocco, argan oil is a great success on the world of natural beauty and well-being. This natural oil have all the assets, rich in vitamin E, antioxidant and essential fatty acid. Argan oil prevent winkles and skin dryness and helps to prevent appearance of stretch marks, (good for pregnant women). It gradually eliminates the scars even the old one.

Between the applications of argan oil, apply the freckle removal creams for more efficiency.



Freckle removal cream

I will suggest you different freckle removal creams. These creams are specially designed to eliminates the dark spots such as freckles, age spot and post-pregnancy spots. They have an exceptional whitening effect that blocks the melanin production. After a few weeks of use this freckle removal cream reduce the pigmentation of the spots, prevent their reappearance and unify the skin.

The most important is that some of these cream contain a UV filter that protects from the harmful effect of sunlight.

Freckle removal creams – Conclusion

Depending on your skin type the freckle removal cream can really work. However, you have to be realistic some creams can give result from the first week, but most creams take several weeks to show good results.

But what are a few weeks when we have been complexed all our life!

As for each product that I propose you on my Skinsatin blog, I took the time to choose creams that don’t have too many chemicals and are manufactured in Europe or United States. So I propose you the creams for fade freckles but we all have bodies that react differently and there are some creams that will work better than others on you. Feel free to test until you’ll find the right cream.


Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!








  1. Granny knows best. It’s good to stay patient and diligently apply each solution. Thanks for the informative article on skin care. I know watching out for sun exposure and staying hydrated are two of the easiest things to keep your skin healthy.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Yes! The granny are the best to help us.
      It’s better take care of ourself by avoiding too much
      sun exposure than cure the skin later.

  2. I agree that a few of the best solutions for freckle removal are honey and lemon juice. It’s better to seek for a natural solution before using processed creams.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      We just have to make a choice an to
      know what suits us best. I prefer natural
      remedies too.

  3. I don’t have freckles, but it’s good to know that there are ways to help out with a person’s freckle “invasion” if he or she ever needs some. And true, every person is unique, as his or her skin are as well. Each skin needs specific care, and react differently to different products.

    • thanks for your comment.
      It’s sure that not everybody can have a good result
      with every product. And not every persons with
      freckled want to get rid of them.
      We are all different.

  4. Thanks for these tips. Aside from them being natural they are something you find inside your house. I don’t have freckles but I have a friend who do. I’ll definitely let her read this so she could try it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I hope my article could help your
      friends. If they are red-haired it will
      not work.

  5. These are simple to do remedies and the items to use are readily available. I think those with this skin problem will be glad to write this article. Lemon juice is really an effective solution.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes lemon juice could help for a lot
      of skin issues. We just have to be regular with
      th application and it could help a lot.

  6. Great article. I always prefer products made of natural ingredients. Though i don’t have freckles myself, i would recommend to a couple of people suffering from the same.

  7. Yea, honey is very medicinal and very good to the skin, its a natural remedy for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. It protects the skin against the free radical so I’m sure it will help to fight freckles.

  8. I like to reduce my freckles because they kinda bother me now. I will try the honey mixture and see if it’ll work. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Yes this remedies can really help.
      But if you are red-haired, the freckles will
      not go away.

      • Tell me about it. I’m a red head and I have tried everything to get rid of freckles. Oh well…maybe one day but I’m used to them now.

        • Thanks for your comment.
          I’m sorry to tell you that but when a redhead’s skin
          start to have feckles it’s very difficult or impossible
          to get rid of them. You can always try with a lightening cream.
          Thanks for reading

  9. Lemon and Honey are very effective, affordable too! Best home-remedy. Trusted for years 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, lemon and honey are two great product
      for a lot of skin issues.
      Thanks to talk about your experience it can
      help others.

  10. I never would have thought that honey and lemon would the solutions to my problems! I’ll definitely try this soon! Again, thank you for the cool and amazing tips! Bless you darling.

  11. Getting rids of freckle can be a dicey situation I know this because I have been there. It’s good that lemon juice can come to one’s rescue than chemical based creams.

  12. Great information to keep feckle at bay. I hope I will remember to use lemon juice at night since it really sensitive to the sun.

  13. I have used the lemon and honey on different occasions on my face. I loved the results and the smooth feeling.

  14. People with freckles will definitely find this post helpful..using lemon may work but makes the skin very sensitive to the sun..I learnt this the hard way…Great share..

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s better to use lemon before going to
      bed and the next day it’ll be right.

  15. This is a very simple prevention The great solution to avoid freckles is to expose the skin as little as possible to the sun. I think the sun doesn’t just blend well with the skin.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      We just need a very good sunscreen and you are right
      not stay too long under the sun.

  16. Those with freckles will find this page very valuable. I always like your remedies very easy steps to follow.

  17. I already use honey a lot for my skin. This just reaffirms my convistion that honey really does wonders for the skin.

  18. I am a redhead so my freckles can’t be totally done away with. However their effect can be reduced using the cream.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I cant’ tell you if it can work on your freckle, because
      for redhead is really hard to make it desappear.

  19. I’ve never tried argan oil before but friends have told me it really does work. Thanks for recommending it.

  20. Thanks for pointing out that the lemon is best used at night when there’s no sun. I made that mistake once and it was horrible 🙁

  21. It seems honey is really a good substance for the skin. It can help with even skin smoothness when coated all over the money. Honey is less expensive here.

  22. Nobody is born with freckles I believe and as such, I think seeking a remedy when it occurs should be the way forward. A healthy skin improves ones well being.

  23. I like natural items like the lemon juice that can be used in various ways. I know this work for the skin, I believe we just have to be consistent when applying it.

  24. I think some cream application just need us giving it time. Since our skin type is different we should also expect different time frame for our best result.

  25. Thanks for putting out this information. Is it safe to use the lemon juice if parts of my skin is broken?

  26. Are the creams containing UV filtering properties more expensive? I’m on a budget unfortunately.

    • Yes the cream protect your skin from the sun.
      If you don’t have the budget, you can try the natural

  27. Thanks for covering freckles this well. I have suffered all my life but with the right care it’s always manageable.

  28. As with most skin products, it may take a while before changes are noticeable. Patience is key with most of these products.

  29. It definitely sounds like a case by case scenario for each individual. Some freckles fade over time and some don’t. Like you said, you have to be patient and might have to try a bunch of different creams before seeing any changes.

  30. This seems to me is just a case of hyper sensitivity. I do not have freckles but each of us have skin problems at some point. The pain of these home remedies are finding the ingredients but hey, it beats reckless spending every time.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I hope it’s not too difficult to find lemon or honey.
      I think you can find it in any supermarket.

  31. What amazes me is you have both a cosmetic product and yet promoting natural remedies. I love that. Who says that you have to dispel other proven methods to give your product a boost?

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