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Welcome back to my Skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about to you WOMEN! Yes, because cellulite is really a woman problem! Often, when we realize that we have cellulite, the first thought that comes to mind is how to get rid of cellulite fast! And it’s quite normal, although this is a natural phenomenon for us women, we often don’t find it pretty and not aesthetic at all. So some woman begin to play sports before the summer, others make draconian diets. Me too, I’ve been there and I assure you of one thing is that there are real solutions to get rid of cellulite fast in a natural or medical way if you have the means. I will take you through these possibilities, follow the guide!

Get rid of cellulite fast – Why have we cellulite ?

The cells that are just under the skin serve as a reserve for fat, they are separated by walls that are connective tissues. The ceiling of these fat cells is the skin. If there is cellulite, it means that these fat cells have increased in number and volume because of water retention. At this point, the cells are swelling, the walls separating the cells are bulging and they are pulling on the skin. That’s why we have this mattress look on the skin.

Cellulite appears when the fatty tissues under the skin changes in structure. This change gives the skin a bumpy appearance much like an orange peel. This appears especially on the buttocks and thighs. It’s a normal physical change that almost only affects woman. It can be due to sex hormones, it can be hereditary or a food problem. If cellulite is very easily visible, it is because it is just below the surface of the skin as I told you above. If I speak to you about this again, it’s because the fat that is deeper has no effect on the appearance of cellulite. And it’s this fat that is removed during liposuction.

So don’t think about getting a liposuction to get rid of cellulite fast, because it will have no effect.

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem first and foremost. But it can also be painful. Indeed, by aging the cellulite can become thicker and put pressure on the nerve ending and make the affected areas sensitive and painful. So keep reading this interesting article to avoid this extreme situation!

Get rid of cellulite fast – Natural Solutions


As you have probably noticed. When we walk in the aesthetic areas of the store and we are looking for a cream to get rid of cellulite fast, most of these anti-cellulite creams are coffee-based. This is because coffee as well as tea and cocoa have a molecule that prevents fat cells from multiplying and prevents fat from being stored. It’s really an efficient and fast product. We will avoid ruining ourselves by buying a lotion based on caffeine and we will prepare it ourselves.

You will need:

– 50cl very full flavored coffee – 1 lemon – 1 bottle

Prepare 50 cl of coffee, pour it into a bottle. Add the lemon juice. Close the bottle and shake well. Let stand for 24h, after 24 hours you can massage the affected area with this lotion.

The lotion can be kept in the fridge for a week, not more.


Apple cider vinegar is the best purifier on the inside or the outside of the body. It prevents the liquid and fat to accumulate in our body. It removes toxins, cleans the lymphatic system and also cellulite and therefore facilitates blood circulation.


You will need:

– 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar – 1/2 L of water – 1 teaspoon of honey

Mix the apple cider vinegar with water, 1 teaspoon of honey for the sweet test.

Drink every morning on an empty stomach to reduce cellulite


On the skin:

You will need:

-1 tablespoons of cider vinegar – vegetable oil – body cream

In a cup, mix the apple cider vinegar with the vegetable oil of your choice and the body cream. With a clean wet towel, clean the affected area. Then apply your lotion on the part you want to treat and make it penetrate well.

You can do both methods together for a faster result.





You can make a wrap at home to get rid of cellulite fast, using a towel or plastic film. Of course, you must first prepare the lotion which I propose the recipe below before putting the wrap. You can also buy an already prepared lotion.

You will need:

Plastic film – A bowl – 1 packet of green tea – 20 g of coffee grounds (coffee already used) – 1 tablespoons of anti-hemorrhoids cream (optional but it helps to deflate and activates the circulation).

Empty the green tea bag into a bowl, add the coffee grounds and the oil and mix until you get a paste. Apply the mixture to the area to be treated by massaging. Wrap this area with 3 turns of plastic film and leave for half an hour. Remove the film and rinse well with warm water.

Get rid of cellulite fast – Medical Solution

To be sincere, there is no real method that can destroy cellulite definitively. But these medical methods also help to get rid of cellulite fast.

It must be known that some treatment aesthetic medicine may work better than others. It depends on a lot of things, the organism, the age or the type of cellulite.

The treatments I am going to talk about are always prescribed by a doctor after a medical examination.

– Electrolipolysis: This is a very weak electric current that reduces the volume of fat cells. This helps accelerate the drainage of toxins.

– Ultrasound: They bombard the fat cells and transform them into waste that is eliminated by natural means.

– Lipotomy: It is the injection of a product in the fat cells in order to eliminate them with ultrasound.

Generally after the cessation of the treatments of which I speak above, If you had profits then to have a lasting effect it is necessary to continue the treatment over a very long duration. Let’s not forget that there can be side effects with this treatment but they are very rare like scars or browning of the skin.

Get rid of cellulite fast – Prevention

It’s hard to prevent cellulite because it can be hereditary and there are biological factors that may be present. What a doctor could advise us is to exercise based on endurance, to keep a healthy diet to continue, to maintain good tone and good blood circulation. On the other hand, if you have children, avoiding this problem is still possible. The only way is that your child keeps a stable weight throughout its growth to not let settle fat cells because after it is a real fight to get rid of it.


Get rid of cellulite fast – Conclusion

Get rid of cellulite fast whether natural or medical methods, it’s a real fight! It is not easy and we must find one or more method that suits us. As you have understood avoiding this problem or to get rid of it, we must eat healthy, play sports and try natural or medical methods to get rid of cellulite fast.



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