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Welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about warts. Warts are fairly common problems that affect women and men. Although it is common, it is not pretty at all. It can be painful and moreover it is contagious. It’s better to get rid of it, so I will explain you how to get rid of warts naturally. There are several options for this which are fairly effective. The warts get a bad press because of the fairy tales that our schoolteachers told us about the witches and their horrible warts on the nose. Think again, warts are often near nails hand and feet soles. Forget the legend of witches and follow the
guide, to get rid of warts!


Get rid of warts – What is it?

Warts are rough bumps that we find on the outside of the skin. They are not very big but can still reach 1cm. To have a wart it is not complicated, if you have a small microscopic cut on the skin that you don’t realize, the virus that causes the wart can enter inside your skin through this opening. If the defenses of your body can’t get rid of warts before it appears, the cells of this virus will multiply at a specific area. But it’s not because you have the virus in your body that the wart will appear right away. The wart could appear several months later, sometimes even several years later. The warts can appear on feet, hands, sometimes the back and the face or other part of the body. The wart can be isolated or there could be several warts on the same area. Getting rid of warts alone is not complicated if they are on easy area to reach which is not always the case.



Get rid of warts -Natural remedies

Getting rid of warts naturally is much less aggressive than with medical method which can be very aggressive and sometimes ineffective. For my part, I went once to see a dermatologist to treat my wart. My doctor treated with a very unpleasant acid, but the wart disappeared and I was really happy. Unfortunately my warts reappeared some weeks later, bigger and uglier than before! So I turned to a natural method and I managed to get rid of warts definitely, it never reappeared. I am not saying that medical methods are bad, but for me the natural one was better in this case. So let’s see how to get rid of warts with the natural methods. Follow the guide!



The best way to get rid of warts with garlic is to make a poultice.

Cut the garlic into small pieces, put them in adhesive bandage wide enough to hold it on the wart. Don’t let the garlic overflow the adhesive bandage because it could burn your skin.





The best way to get rid of warts with leek and apple cider vinegar is to make a poultice that you will prepare in advance.

You will macerate a green leaf of leek in apple cider vinegar for 4 days. After this time, in the evening going to bed, you will apply it on the wart by holding with an adhesive bandage and you will keep the poultice all night long. The next morning you will put back the green leaf in the apple cider vinegar to start again in the evening, until the wart has disappeared.






The best way to get rid of warts with white vinegar and lemon is always to make a poultice that you will prepare in advance.

Lemon is a very good disinfectant for the skin and also for warts. To use the lemon against warts we get the lemon peel. We chop the lemon peel and let it macerate in the white vinegar for 2 o 3 days. To treat the wart, place the lemon peel on the wart and hold it with a plaster all night long. It will soften the wart the next day and the skin will regenerate in a few days. For larger warts it will need to be repeated for several days until it disappears.







These remedies have been used for centuries to get rid of warts and has always been very effective.

Cut a small piece of a raw potato about size of the wart. Every day you will apply a new piece of potato on the wart morning and evening. You can also hold it all night on the wart with a plaster.



Get rid of warts – Medical solutions

If you prefer to turn to medical solutions, there are many possibilities to get rid of warts. There are sometimes side effect and the methods are often very aggressive, expensive but it can be very effective.


These are chemical mixture that contain silver nitrate and formaldehyde. There are a lot of side effects including the skin around the wart that is stained brown and the skin is burned.

There is also a very effective drug with salycilic acid. This drug removes the wart by skin layers’ and it often used with cryotherapy to be more effective.




The doctor applies liquid nitrogen to the wart and the dead skin can be remove about 10 days later. But this method is not necessarily definitive and you may have to start again if it reappears. The session can last up to 15 minutes and it is sometimes painful. There are side effects such as blisters, discoloration of the skin around the wart and pain.




You can try the laser method which is not very effective, this method eliminate the blood vessels in the wart which will destroy it. It is a method that can be very painful.

Medical method are not necessarily effective in the long run, but you can have fast result on a short term. It’s up to you.




Get rid of warts – Prevention

To prevent warts avoid walking barefoot in public places like swimming pool, sauna …

To avoid contagion:

– Cover the wart with a bandage.

– Always wash your hands after touching your wart.

– Don’t share your personal toiletries

– Don’t bleed a wart


Get rid of warts – Conclusion

There are many methods to get rid of warts, both natural and medical. It is not necessarily definitive but it can help you to recover a smooth skin pretty quickly. For me the best method that worked on me are the natural methods. It all depends on the person and what you are willing to bear as pain. But for the first time since I wrote my blog about natural methods, the natural method can have the same healing time as the medical method, it’s up to you. If you have other natural method to get rid of warts naturally, don’t hesitate to propose them, I will publish them willingly.




Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!




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