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Welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about the problem of my life. When I was a young girl, I suffered from acne. My parents told me “It doesn’t matter, when you grow up it will pass!” I grew up, I had children, I am a woman now. Well, you know what? My parents were wrong, I still have acne! I fought against my acne pimples for years, I looked for cream, I went to see dermatologist, I drank magic potions, I even pray to the God of acne pimples! But all this has not served much purpose. I lost a lot of money, energy and time.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have found many solutions against pimples and all the damages they can cause ( black spot, scar…) . In this article I will give you some home remedies for adult acne to almost permanently get rid of adult acne pimples. Because clearly, it is no longer the time to suffer from acne. When we are adult person, men or women, we have something else to do than to burst acne pimples in front of our mirror. So if you want to move on instead of to complain about your pimples in front of your mirror, follow the guide!




Home Remedies for Adult Acne – What is it?

Adult acne, mostly affects women unlike juvenile acne that affects boys much more. The shape of acne also changes, when we are young acne pimples are all over the face and the neck whereas as an adult the pimples are on the lower face around the mouth and on the chin. The main cause is hormonal.

Unlike women, once they arrive to adulthood, the man has some hormonal stability. While the woman is unstable because of menstrual period, pregnancy and many other factors. That’s why some women see their acne continue, until the age of 40. Then there is the woman who has never suffered from acne in adolescence and begin to have acne attack between 25 and 35 years old. Th skins likely to suffer from adult acne, it is the oily skin that secretes a lot of sebums.

Even though acne is still of hormonal origin, when it arrives late, it may also be because of other factors. It can also be related to taking a medicine or to a profession in contact with chemical products. There is also the abuse of cosmetics or bad quality cosmetics, because if you use products too oily it may clog the pores of the skin.

Home Remedies for Adult Acne – Natural Solutions

For all people who prefer natural solutions, I propose my home remedies for adult acne which is the most reactive on my skin:


I know, I know, I know! It’s not the first thing we think about when we want to cure our acne. But you have to know that a mask with slices of tomatoes is excellent! Tomatoes have mainly vitamins and minerals that clean, heals and purified. The preparation of the mask is very simple: Just cut a tomato in thin slice and put them on your face for 20 minutes. It’s very fresh, it works and it’s unexpected!




Apple cider vinegar contains acid that exfoliate the skin, reduce red marks and treat acne. You can use it as it is or mix it with hot water to make it sweeter. Apply it with a cotton on affected area.




It’s home remedy for adult acne that may seem weird. Know that toothpaste is a great asset to fight against adult acne. It has the power of dry out, so when you apply a nut of toothpast on acne pimples before going to bed, the next morning they have already started to dry and are much less visible. You can do this treatment urgently the day before an appointment.



To eliminate blackhead and sebum excess, we often use hot water. But cold water has a lot of virtue, and is one of the greatest remedies for adult acne. In this case, it’s necessary to use an ice cube with which one we will massage the area of the face touched by acne pimples. By massaging the skin with the ice cube, 30 seconds, 2 time a day, the skin will become smooth


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Home Remedies for Adult Acne – cream and medical remedy

Adult acne can be more difficult to treat than teenager’s acne. If the home remedies for adult acne don’t work, don’t hesitate to try creams based on natural product or to consult a dermatologist. The doctor can provide you with an adapted treatment. One of the most common treatment is the vitamin A derivative which can be very effective with a difficult adult acne. But that can make the skin thinner, therefore more sensitive. With this treatment you will need a maximum sun protection throughout the treatment and after.

For my part, I also use cream or  a kit of products base on natural ingredients in conjunction with my home remedies for adult acne. This communion helps me to keep my skin intact without scars or pimples.

Home Remedies for Adult Acne – Prevention

– Avoid over treating your skin:

It’s going to sound strange to you, but over treating your skin is not always a good thing. It destroys the skin flora and as your skin is less protected, it will let arrive the most aggressive microbes.


– Avoid exposing too much your face to the sun:

The sun is a false friend of the skin that acts in two stages. At the moment, your skin may look healthier because the sun will dry out the skin and the pimples. But that will not last long, because after the exposure, the acne start again as strong as before.


– Tobacco:

The tobacco promotes the onset of acne and makes it much more difficult to treat.


– Taking Zinc:

Taking Zinc regularly helps fight germs that threatens the skin and boost immune defenses. We can find it in seafood, spinach, mushrooms, fatty fish and vegetable oil.


– Facial sauna:

The facial sauna allows to drain the skin, to fluidize and evacuate excess sebum. Place your face above a bowl of hot water, containing antiseptic essential oils (thyme, eucalyptus, lavender)


Home Remedies for Adult Acne – Conclusion

Keep in mind that adult acne is a long-term treatment. These are hormonal causes which don’t cure like allergy pimples. Whether it is with my home remedies for adult acne or with a medical prescription or with an effective cream, it will take time for your skin to react. So don’t drop the treatment after one or two weeks of testing, because you will never get to the end of this problem with a negative attitude.

It will also be good to change the way you eat, if you eat food with too much fat, sugar or salt. It’s not easy but if your well being depends on it, you could try.



Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!







  1. Acne is one skin disease that can really makes the face looks ulgy. Never knew the tomatoes can be this helpful to clear acne. Good to know now.

  2. Apple cider vinegar is so medicinal and can be dependable.since it contains acid that exfoliate the skin, reduce red marks and treat acne then it highly recommended for all to use.

  3. I hate how even in my late 20s, acnes are still my problem. I have a really sensitive skin, so washing my face regularly is the best way I could deal with it.

  4. Didn’t worry about acnes until I hit my 20s. The breakouts became frequent, so these home remedies are really helpful. Thanks!

  5. Acne is one facial problem nobody want to face.I read it somewhere that toothpaste works but I have never tried it myself.Using tomato to cure acne is news to me.I hope this tips work though

  6. Wow, never knew simple items like these could help with acne. I do have mine mostly on the face and I have been using some creams that are not helpful. Cold water is my target now.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Sometimes we don’t need to look
      very far to find a solution.
      I hope it will help you.
      Give me some news!

  7. I know about the toothpaste remedy though I have never tried it out. I think I will now that you have posted it again. I have very stubborn acne on my skin.

  8. I do get this alot and a toothpaste really works. It dried my acne and made it heal faster. Good to see it here.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s a good tip to use when you have an emergency like an appointment the day after.
      But it can’t be a treatment on a long term.
      It can dry your skin.

  9. This is why I drink a lot of fluids. Keeps the toxins out!!! I do get them once in a while but it hardly bothers me.

  10. I heard massaging the face with ice cubes also help in minimizing the pores. My cousin has adult onset of acne and I think it’s partly due to stress. I will tell him to slice up some tomatoes for a facial pack.

  11. I think natural products are better than using cosmetics which are usually made of chemicals. I’ll try the tomato pack myself since I have breakouts sometimes.

  12. Acne is one of the biggest problem of entering puberty stage. I want to share this article to all to help them with their problem on getting rid of their acne. This article really helps.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes acne could really ruined the skin
      if we don’t arrive to cure it.
      Thanks for sharing with others.

  13. Thanks for sharing your tips for figthing acnce, I have suffered it for more tan 20 years and I cant wait to stop with this problema.

  14. Toothpaste is definitely a new one for me. I know cold water can be very effective after cleaning your face because it closes your pores. Thanks for all the helpful remedies. I’ll be sure to pass them along if I know any adults struggling with acne.

  15. Good remedies to follow at home. I know lack of sleep and other stressful habits can also lead to acne. I’m sure the treatments you’ve listed and other prescribed medications could be of use. Thanks for the in-depth article.

  16. I still have those acne on my face. Good to know tomatoes are great home remedies to get rid of them.

  17. I’m shocked to learn that tomatoes can help with my acne. I often opt for such expensive solutions yet a remedy was in my kitchen all along lol

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