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Hello welcome back to my Skinsatin blog. Today, I’m going to talk you about an interesting experience that I wanted to do at home. In my last article about the peeling I told you a little about the home TCA peel. As I explained to you in my description I had acne problems as a teenager and I found a lot of very interesting products that allowed me to get rid of pimples and scars.

It was a long way but with a lot of perseverance and good products I didn’t get to bad. So let’s move on to serious things and talk about my home TCA peel!


Home TCA peel – Why do we make a TCA peel?

These chemical peels that have existed for decades give us a real shot of radiance and youth!

Forget the hair or the hands which give us shine it is above all OUR SKIN and especially the skin’s face. Girls to look young what is essential is that your skin is firm, smooth without irregularities. To eat healthy and to hydrate enough is not the only solution. When the skin needs a big maintenance the chemical peel can be welcome. For example your skin can have a lot of impurities, sun spot, age spots, hyperpigmentation.

You may need it if you smoke and your skin become thinner and get old before age. It could help women and men from 60 years to the face marked by the sun, of course it is necessary that your skin type support this kind of treatment.

You should know that after such treatment you won’t be very nice to see for a few days. This kind of peeling looks like a nasty sunburn. The skin become very red or very black for the dark skin, it peels slowly sometimes by large plate. Then when the skin recovers it will be fresher, more regular and better moisturize.




Home TCA peel – How did I discover this method ?

I have already done several TCA peels at a doctor and I thought: “Why not do it myself if I can?” I looked on the internet if I couldn’t get the product and I came across a website that proposed a kit. I read a lot of positive reviews and when I was able to buy it I did it. As soon as I received the kit, I immediately made a test as it is recommended. That is behind the ear with a slightly damp cotton swab with the 25% solution. After a few minutes I decided to do it on the whole face.



Home TCA peel – My experience

I first prepared my skin by applying a cream with 15% of glycol daily for 15 days to strengthen the action of the peel.

I started to clean my skin with a mild cleansing product. Then I put a tampon soaked in alcohol all over my face. I then applied the solution with the percentage of concentration that I chose and which suited my skin on the entire face avoiding the eye contour, because it is a very fragile area.

I applied the home TCA peel a second time, my skin strongly stung and became whiter but it is a sign that the product acts and penetrates. I let sit for 3 to 4 minutes, it depends of your skin sensitivity and then I rinse my face abundantly with cold water. In case of burning sensations really unpleasant you can apply cold compresses on your face. Finally, I applied a moisturizing cream.



After my home TCA peel :

Just after the home TCA peel it is normal the skin is a little red and swollen. Depending on the skin sensitivity the redness could be more important but it’ll diminish the next day. If you made the 25% peel like the one I made, my skin peeled during the following week and became brownish the next day. This process is normal, it is a medium peel, the skin has been burned so that it can regenerate afterwards.

It gave me the same impression after a sunburn but the new skin I got after this peel much more beautiful and radiance and the skin texture was refined.


The weeks following my home TCA peel:

Like all peeling I had to use a total screen cream for one month, it isn’t recommended doing it during the summer.

(For very dark skin ask medical advice because the following weeks you could suffer of depigmentation)

I used a mild cleanser for ten days. For the men it is recommend to not shave the same day as the peeling.

If the redness persists after several weeks consult a doctor. For a quick recovery its is necessary that the home TCA peel is not too strong.


Home TCA peel- Precautions to take25% TCA (1/2 oz) Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Freckles, Lip Creases, Crepey Skin by RePare Skincare (15ml_25)

The health of your skins determine factor to know if you are a good candidate. I advise you to seek the opinion of several doctors or dermatologists and especially to have done this treatment once or twice with a specialist before doing it alone at home. If I advise you to seek information from several doctors or specialist it is because some will disappoint you for fear that TCA peel burn your skin but others just don’t want this product to compete because it is effective and much cheaper.

In the kit I bought there is a bottle with 50% concentration solution I don’t recommend applying directly on your face. On the packet leaflet it is explained that this high concentration is used for outgrowth(pimple, warts and to remove the tattoos. There is a severe risk of depigmentation with this one.

As I didn’t need this 50% solution, I took half of the liquid that I mixed with 50% water so I got a new 25% solution. If you find that the 25% concentration solution is too strong, you do the same thing by taking half of the solution at 25% that you mixed with 50% water and you get a 12.5% solution.



This article can be a bit scary but I want to clarify that each skins react differently and that the use of this product is not trivial but well-used this product is incredibly beautiful for the skin.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!


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  1. Great tips and imagery for healthier skin. Thanks for listing each detail and all the side effects. Also, really resourceful move mixing the TCA with water. Look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I prefer to be honest and give all the details.
      There will be no surprise!
      Happy New Year!

  2. The health of your skin is a deciding factor to be aware if you are a nice candidate. I advice you to take the opinion of the doctors.

    • Thanks for your advice.
      As I said in my article, I made it several times with
      a doctor before doing it alone.
      I advise it you too, it would be
      a pitty to do it without knowing.
      Happy New Year!

  3. As weird as t sound I use this with my girl. Not because of things or deviations but rather I understand its benefits. Even if I am a guy.

  4. I have never used peels before, and I have only used masks once in my life. Perhaps now is a good chance to try something new with this product!

  5. I will go by your conclusion that this product is very effective and beautiful for the skin at least from your experience. I will recommend it too to my friends.

  6. Your solution is always helpful. This might sound scary to some people certainly not me. I like a product like this that can be very helpful.

    • Thanks fo your comment.
      You don’t need to be scary. At first it is better
      to go to a specialist, and the specialist will tell you
      if your skin can support it or not.
      It’s better not to do it without knowing
      if your skin can stand it.
      Happy New Year!

  7. I’m scared to try this product. My friend used this before, and it was too strong that her skin was burned red. But, anyway, wishing you a successful treatment!

  8. Though the treatment looks tempting, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive as well. If the brownish texture does not go away after a week then what will happen. And then, every skin type is different. How will someone know whether the peel will not have a reaction on his/her skin?

    • Thanks for the interesting comment.
      I understand your aprehension and
      that’s why I wrote an article so detailed.
      Above all, I made the point that you have to do it at
      a specialist before do it alone at home.
      As you say very well, all the skins are different,
      and it’s a specialist who can tell you if yours
      can support it or not.
      So if you are interested go first to a specialist.
      Then if you want you could do it at home.
      This is the same thing with home remedies:
      Happy New Year!

  9. First time of hearing about this new way to get greater skin. I have very sensitive skin, and in truth the article does make me feel a bit anxious. But I’m really glad to know that there are a couple of solutions available to see if TCA peeling is the key to my own skin woes.

    • thanks fo your comment.
      It’s great to be anxious, it’s better
      to do this kind of treatment with specialist first. I made it myself because I made
      several time with a dermatologist at first.

  10. My skin has been prpblematic since I was 12 yrs old and I remember visiting a dermatological clinic when I was 20 and the doctor told me my skin age is 30. She lost a customer after. I liked that yoi explained everuthing in detail I wil definitely consider this.

    • hanks for your comment.
      There is no need to be afraid of it.
      You can make it with a specialist first.
      You will see that is nothing else than
      a very good stimulant for your skin.

  11. Great piece of info there. I will consider trying this, as i am one person who care a big deal about my face. Kudos!

    • Thanks for your coments.
      Great if it could help you, but
      at first, it’s better to go to
      the doctor. He/She will tell you if
      your skin can support it or not.

  12. Good thing the precautions are put in the article. You can never be too careful with skin products. This is why I do not use it often.

  13. I am not too keen on this but my girl is. I always tell her to slow down though, For one her skin can be so sensitive that it might irritate it. However, it seems this product had this covered.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s better that your girl try this
      method first with specialist. Especially if she
      has a sensitive skin. The doctor
      will test her skin and tell her what percentage suits her.

  14. I think sometimes it good to seek the help of an expert before using a new product on the skin and I think this is what I will do before using a cream like this.

  15. This peel is worth using since it will give one a more beautiful and radiance skin and one’s skin texture will be refined.

  16. I hear that peelings are good for skin, especially if the skin has acné. However, I never tried one because they are very strong. I’d like to try this one.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      This could be very effective. But it’s
      better that you try the first time with a specialist.
      The doctor will test your skin first.

  17. Are you sure this will go down well with all skin type? I think we can meet with an expert about it especially pertaining to the level of concentration, to know the quantity to use.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Of course, you have to go to
      a specialist first. This is what I did.
      I made several time with a dermatologist first.

  18. A devilishly effective peel for the skin. I hope it will work for my skin too. I need a very good product to aid my skin.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you never did that before, it’s better
      to try first with a specialist. But yes, it
      works really well it depends of the sensitivity
      of your skin.

  19. Good work pointing out that each skin reacts differently and that there’s no blanket solution for everyone. Great article too. Very informative.

  20. I learned a lot of new stuff. As with everything consulting with a dermatologist is always vital before trying anything new on your skin.

  21. This sounds like a very useful method, even if a bit drastic. I really could have benefited from this solution when I had bad acne. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      As I wrote in my article, it is always better to
      do this method with a specialist first.
      But yes, it’s very effective if you know make it.

  22. Thanks for the tips.. Peeling the skin gives it a new shine..but after going through your write up, this peeling process seem like a daunting task..maybe I will try your method one day

  23. I love the fact that this tca peel can be used by anybody irrespective of their skin color. I’ve never thought of doing this, I must try it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s better to do it with a specialist for the first time.
      He/She will test your skin type and he/she will be able
      to inform you if this treatment is for your skin type or not.

  24. This article is extremely helpful. I know my face is my representation, how it looks definitely affects how people perceive me. If it works on my face I’m in to use it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s better to go to the specialist for the first time.
      The specialist will be able to test your skin type.

  25. Based on your comments I am quiet reluctant to try it out. I want to apply it on my face due to the fact that I have facial blemishes after the eruption of my acne. They are all healed now but left dark spots.

  26. Is there a peeling agent that doesn’t make the skin red when applying it? I mean something very mild. I guess I’ll have to consult a dermatologist first and see if he/she agrees if I use this products. Thanks for the review.

  27. I always love peel off masks.I am currently using the aztec mask which I love the most.

  28. Thanks for a health blog like this . Your blog has made me love , care and appreciate my skin more daily. Will use anything that will help keep my skin healthy.

  29. This will be a nice treatment from my personal observation. But I think I will have to confirm a bit of things with a dermatologist to be sure of most things. Good to know about the peel.

  30. I will try this peel on my face because I need an alluring face from now on. A good face can sure attract the kind of people we like.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      You can try with a doctor the first time.
      The skin type can be important for this treatment.

  31. I hope this peel won’t be harsh on my skin. I have a very strange skin type. A lot of things irritate it. So I try to be careful with what I use on it.

  32. My wife has used this before and she is very satisfied. Of course she sought a doctor’s advice first but after that it is all good.

  33. Never heard of this product but I like what I see here. The author is open for questions and responding to them. I like that.

  34. I will also use the TCA peel so that so that when my skin recovers it will be fresher, more regular and better moisturized.

  35. I recommend this peel for people that need much more beautiful and radiance skin and a skin texture that will be refined.It worth the trail.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it is a really great method, but it’s
      better to make it with a specialist the first time.

  36. This is an informed review of TCA. I want to know if we don’t dilute it with water can make the product be very harsh to the skin.

  37. I can imagine the way this product will work better so as to be described as Devilishly effective. I know it will work like magic.

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    Home TCA peel – Eff

  38. I do tca peel regularly. It’s become an important part of my skincare routine because it works its magic for me

  39. Been thinking about trying tca peel for quite some time now but i had reservations. After reading this article, i think i will push through this time!

  40. I would like to try it, I heard that a peel can help a bit with acne scars. I have been able to manage my acne problem with the help of my dermatologist but I’m embararsed with the scars that acne let on my skin.

    • It can really help with ace scars, try
      several times with a specialist. He/She will informe
      you on your skin type and you will learn how to do it.

  41. I’m not sure to risk with this product. I have a very sensitive skin and Im worried to burn it. Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s better to go to a specialist and
      make the peel with him/her several times before try it alone.
      Thanks for your comment

  42. I couldn’t have bumped into this at a better time. I’ve been looking for a viable peel solution and I think I’ll give your TCA a try

  43. I’ll have to make this solution several times before I am sure I can perfect it. Thanks for sharing

  44. I like your in depth explanation on how to properly apply the TCA. Such is the care that should be shown when dealing with the skin.

  45. I can use your experience to decide whether this is for me or not. Guess it’s better to check with a doctor first.

  46. I am gonna try this. I have no issues with its PH levels or its strengths. I cannot say for sure but I think male skin are tougher than women. I am gonna try this for my acne issues. Thanks for sharing.

  47. What I like about this is the author is not afraid to test his/her own product by sharing the experience. For a consumer that can be a big deal. The owner must first show confidence then the customer follows.

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