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Welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk you about eczema. It’s a very troublesome skin problem, as much on its appearance on the skin as the sensation of itching that we can feel. I have not personally suffered from this problem, but my best friend had suffered from eczema since her young age. She tried a lot of cream recommended by her doctor. This product worked for a little while, but it always ended in a relapse.

So my friends looked into what she was eating, but after trying to eliminate some trouble foods, with her allergy specialist, she was still not getting better. Then she tried natural solutions. She ended find combinations of natural products which at first calmed her itching, and then she gets rid of her eczema. It’s not magic, it happens to have relapses but much less often.

Then, if you have tried everything to gets rid of your eczema and you have no more solutions; sit comfortably in your chair, and read this article. Follow the guide!!


How to gets rid of eczema naturally – What is it?

It’s an inflammation of the skin which is not contagious, it’s an allergic reaction who can also be caused by stress. With this reaction there is redness, itching, red patches and painful. It can start very early in life we see it with infants. The eczema is not always on the same power. There are periods of remission where the person hardly suffer anymore. Then there are the periods when the eczema is very acute called “eczema eruption”.

There are several types of eczema. For this time I’m going to talk you about the atopic or atopic dermatitis, it’s the most common chronic form. This form of eczema in infants often start on the cheeks, forehead and the scalp; it’s often dry, rough redness or itchy crusts. In teenager and adult eczema atopic dermatitis is found on the face, neck and limbs, it’s often thick red plate.


How to gets rid of eczema naturally – What a suffering person is going through

If you have a family member or a friend with eczema, it’s good to know what they are going through to understand what they are experiencing.

My friend suffer around twenty year without knowing how to gets rid of eczema naturally or with drugs. Since she’s a baby she has lived with squam and flaky skin. Every night she had to repeat the same routine before going to bed: put a very thick layer of ointment and very greasy cream. She never wore short-sleeves shirts even in the middle of the summer and she came to school with bandages around her elbows to keep her dry, flaky skin from bleeding.

Her skin itched all the time like she was full of mosquitoes that stung her, but she was not allowed to scratch herself because it would make her problem worse.

The sad thing is that the first time her mother brought her to specialist, he told her that there was nothing to do and she should learn to live with it. Which was completely true, there is no miracle pill that help us to gets rid of eczema. There is ointment with cortisone which temporally release but she can’t take too long because of the chemicals that are inside.

So she turned to natural solutions that she use with her cortisone cream with this conjunction her patch and her itchiness has disappeared.





How to gets rid of eczema naturally – Natural Solutions

We must not forget that all the skins are different and what work for a skin type doesn’t always work on other skin. But these solutions which can be used with hydrocortisone prescribed by your doctor or without it are worth trying, I saw the life of my best friend really changed.


Boil two garlic cloves crushed for about a quarter of an hour. Let infuse until the water is lukewarm. Then soak a compress that you will apply on the area that need to be treated. Keep the compress all the night by fixing it with adhesive plaster. By apply this compress 1 or 2 times a week, the eczema itching will disappear. Then the patch will slowly decrease in a few weeks.

It’s a method for localized eczema attacks. Don’t forget that the garlic has a strong smell. So it’s better to do it at night and on weekend, to avoid annoying our fiend with this smell.



Fill a nylon stocking with organic oat flakes and hang it on the bathtub faucet before running the bath water, so that the water passes through the oat. Oat flakes contain anti-inflamatory component that can relieve eczema.

You can also make an oat dough, by mixing oat flakes with water to obtain a paste and apply it on the eczema patch.



It’s better to use the plant gel rather than using an aloe vera cream. Cut a leaf in half and extract the clear substance that looks like gel. Apply this gel on the affected area by the eczema and let the skin absorb it. The pure aloe vera has no side effect, so you can apply it as long as you need it. This gel has the property of soothing irritation of dry and flaky skin.




It’s more effective than a cream containing aloe vera

How to gets rid of eczema naturally – How to prevent

Don’t forget that eczema doesn’t cure. There is plenty of recipes that explain how to gets rid of eczema naturally, but it can disappear for years and reappear overnight. You must learn to live with it and know the right action to prevent its reappearance.

– Avoid allergenic foods : for example(nuts, milk, fish, chocolate …

– Shake the sheet and ventilate the room at least an hour a day.

– Avoid carpets or anything that can attract dust mites.

– It’s better to wear cotton clothes.

– Don’t’ expose yourself to temperature that are too hot or too cold.

– Don’t take too much bath and they must not be too hot.

– It’s better to favor, neutral PH soap

– Expose yourself to the sun, except if your skin is sensitive to the sun, because the sun can give beneficial result.


How to gets rid of eczema naturally-Conclusion

Don’t give up in front of the eczema. It’s a skin disease very difficult to manage, so it shouldn’t be neglected. Don’t give up a treatment that you started because you will never heal in this way. We are all different and react differently to some treatment. So don’t hesitate to try to find what suits you. There will tone of possibilities that I will talk about soon, but don’t stay isolated with your problem. Talk about it around you, there will always be a natural solution or in conjunction with medication that can help you.


Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!








  1. Eczema is one skin problem that can really be annoying on the skin. Since it can be treated in this very simple ways I hope those with the problem will take advantage of it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it can be very effective. The people who
      suffer from eczema need first of all medical advice.
      It’s better to know what you really have before doing something.

  2. Yeah, your solutions are highly recommended and I’m sure all are really going to work. One just have to be consistent with these remedies to have a full cure from it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, with the natural remedies, we always need
      to be persistent. But they are really effective.

  3. There are natural remedies for eczema??? Where has this article been all my life!!

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes there is natural remedies for almost
      all skin problems.
      Keep on reading my blog and you will never
      go to the shop again!

  4. Garlic compress worked for me. You just really have to be patient to see what works best for you, because in my case, I tried tons of products and home remedies before I found it.

  5. It’s definitely good to be mindful of room temperatures, clothing attire and allergenic foods if you’re worried about catching eczema or if it runs in your family. The Aloe Vera has got many good reviews online and is supposed to be great for treating many irritated skin conditions.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Eczema is not contagious.It is a desease that is
      developed in the body. That can’t be transmitted like

  6. I can see how eczema can be really severe in some cases. Anything you can do to ease stress is good to prevent it and keep your skin healthy. I like your oat flakes suggestion because it sounds deeply soothing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My nephew has eczema and he has been insecure about it. Maybe natural remedies will do the trick. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I hope it could help your nephew.
      First thing first, he has to see a doctor for the first diagnose.
      Give me some news!

  8. I hope these people feel better. I never had one of these but I am always looking for ways to help. This page does this so thanks.

  9. I will share this page with my group and see if anyone has this issues. Awareness is vital in this and we need more.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes we need to know more about this
      skin desease.
      Thanks for sharing it with your group.

  10. Eczema is a terrible skin disease. I know a friend of mine who used to suffer the same when in school and she was itching all over. Thanks to know there is a natural remedy.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, if it’s not cure, your
      life can become a nightmare.
      I hope it can help your friend.
      Give me some news!

  11. Nature does really have the best solutions to our problems. Aloe vera grow freely in our backyard and garlic is readily available. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the nature is a gift when
      we take the time to look around us.
      If you try my tips, give me some news.

  12. Eczema is one of my problem. My daughter has eczema, hope this can help her lessen and eventually get rid of it.

    • Thanks for yuor comment.
      Yes it could help your daughter, but
      As I explained in the article,
      it is impossible to completely get rid
      of the eczema. It can always come back
      after years of tranquility.
      Give me some news!

  13. I have had a chronic eczema on my back for years now. I have used some herbs to no avail. Thanks for these remedies. Will use one of these now.

  14. I know aloe vera can help in many skin ailments never knew about it treating eczema. I have some planted in my garden. Will use it on mine and hope it will work for me.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Don’t hesitate to try aloe vera. It is one
      of the best home remedy for the skin.

  15. I never experienced such skin disease and never wished to experienced them. Great, aloe vera is such a great home remedy for such. I have them on my backyard.

  16. Aloe Vera seems to be a remedy for almost all skin ailments. Thanks for this great piece.

  17. I have been using aloe vera on my eczema and it really works for me. I always opt for natural remedies when it comes to my skin.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Aloe vera helps for so many skin problems.
      It is one of the best product for the skin with bananas.

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