How to lighten lips – Incredible tips for lighten lips


Welcome back to my skinsatin blog. Today I want to talk about a problem that we can all live one day to another. It’s when our lips are darkened. It’s not very aesthetic and we don’t always see it happen. It’s normal because it’s very vicious. Our lips are don’t become black overnight. No! It would be too simple and predictable! But when we realize it, they are already dark and we have to act. So let’s do it together! Follow the guide of tips and tricks that can get you out of trouble!



How to lighten lips – Why our lips are become dark?

There are several reasons for our lips are to darken, the sun, the bad quality products for the lips , allergies, chemicals, dryness are the main reasons. There are people for whom it’s naturally dark and others who caused this state.



It may be appear on lips that are not protected from the sun by a balm or a cream and this may cause black spot.





In winter, it’s more common that the lips become dry because there is less moisture in cold hair. During the cold period the lips need to be more hydrated.



Intense exposure to the sun can be bad for the skin and lips . Some sun’s ray (UVB) can be bad for the lips and accentuate melanin pigments. That’s why it’s good to use sunscreen when you expose yourself a long time in the sun.



Some drugs may cause hyperpigmentation or discoloration of the lips .



Some poor quality lipstick can darken the lips , especially when it used daily. Some poor-quality lipstick are made with product that are not made for the skin. It’s better to buy your lipstick by asking for information, to be sure that you not applied dangerous product on your lips . Or it’s possible that your lipstick is simply mildewed.



Tobacco is one of the first factor that darken the lips. The tobacco making appear dark spot on the lips that enlarge slowly. I have friend who had beautiful pink lips that darken over the time because of the cigarette. But it can become pink again with the cessation of smoking.









How to lighten lips – brightening lips balm or lightening cream

I already talk about lightening cream in my blog. These are cream that slow down the melanin production to fade the black spot on the skin. For the lips balm it isn’t really the same, as I explained to you earlier the lips become darker because of the dryness of the thin skin of the lips , too much exposure to the sun or even the cigarette.

The balm that help lighten the lips, are based on vitamin A and E that allow thin skin of the lips to heal and regenerate themselves. They can contain wheat germ oil that can prevent hyperpigmentation and keeps the lips moisturized.

I would not call them brightening lips balm, but restorative balm, the lips become darker because of external aggression and they need more care than the skin of the rest of the face. The vitamins and nutrients that these balms have, allow the lips to rebuild their health.



How to lighten lips – Tips for lightening lips


To have smooth and soft lips it’s good to make a scrub from time to time.

– scrub with toothbrush:

It’s the most economical tip, just moisten your lips with lukewarm water before gently rubbing them with your toothbrush. You’ll see that it will get rid of dead skin and make your lips smooth again. But don’t do it too much, it could crack your lips.

-a cotton soaked in water

Another tip that doesn’t cost much! It will have to soak a cotton with hot water but not boiling. Wring it out a little before put it on your lips and leave a few moments. Thanks to the heat of the water, the dead skin will soften. Then gently pass the cotton on your lips and you will only have to put a moisturizing balm on your smooth lips. And that’s it!




To lighten the lips we can use turmeric powder and a teaspoon of cold milk. Rub the lips with this mixture every day for 5 minutes. It will make your lips look rosier than ever!




Add sugar to a thin slice of lemon and rub gently on the lips . It will reappear the natural color of your lips.



* Why sugar?

Except that the sugar is super good! Its especially a natural exfoliant and can clean the skin in depth. It eliminates the dead cells that darken the lips and it helps prevent dry skin.


* Why lemon?

It’s a very effective brightener. Scientific studies have shown that citric acid helps to brighten the skin. It’s also a very effective disinfectant that deeply purifies.



How to lighten lips – Prevention

To prevent our lips from darkening, there are a lot of little things that we can avoid doing. Then there are things more radical to do to no longer have this problem.



*Coffee and tea =

Abuse tea or coffee may end up staining lips and make them look darker. If you can’t do without coffee or tea, do it like me, drink it with a straw, you won’t have contact with your lips so no darkening.





Protect your lips are from the sun. Without a sunscreen your lips could darken, dry up and irritate. So apply a balm with a sun protection factor during the day.



It’s good to keep your lips moisturized so they don’t darken especially when it’s too hot or too cold. You can apply a moisturizer like Vaseline before going to sleep. You can use a more natural method like applying honey (without swallowing it) or aloe vera. Don’t forget to drink a lot between 6 or 8 glasses a day.






The most radical method is to stop smoking, if you smoke of course! Tobacco nicotine stains your lips and make them duller. It’s not easy, I agree, but when you stop smoking you will improve the appearance of your lips and the health of your skin.




The improvement of the lips appearance that darken, it’s especially bad habit to lose. Applying a lightening cream or balm may help but if you don’t lose your bad habit, the problem will only be repeated. Changing is not easy especially as an adult, but stay in a situation that disturb us because we don’t want to change it’s perhaps not better.



Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!




  1. Thank you for the informative and helpful blog! I’ve been having a hard time lightening my lips so these tips are a true blessing to me. I’ve been reading a lot of articles but some of them aren’t that helpful at all.

  2. Great article I believe the number 1 culprit for dark lips is cigarettes smoking,I see all smokers having very black lips. Well, I still have my red lips, hope those with black lips will get to see this.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes the cigarett dosnt help for the beauty
      of the lips. But it doesnt help
      for the whole body.

  3. Having a dark lip can make one look less attractive as such we should try to keep our lips as original as possible. Good to note that small items like lemon and sugar can be very helpful with this.

  4. A dark lip can make one less attractive. It is best to note that little items such as lemon are immensely helpful.

  5. Never knew lipstick can actually actually darken one’s lips. I think people that wear them so be wary of the low quality one’s. Awesome article.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it is sufficient to have a poor quality
      lipstick to have skin problems. It’s better to be
      informed before buying if you can.

  6. Thanks for listing all the essentials. It seems lemon and sugar are a good cure for everything. I can see how all the extremes in weather have such a strong effect.

  7. My lips are naturally dark but not all through out. Thanks for these tips and I’m going to try the lemon and sugar since it is what’s available at home, and cheapest too.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Sometimes the color of the lips
      are dark naturally. When it’s genetic
      there will not be great results.

  8. Smoking has a massive effect on the lips. Someone can quickly identify a smoker and a non-smoker by looking at their lips. Fortunately, I’m not a smoker, so my lips are good to go 🙂

  9. Interesting article. I don’t have a problem with the color of my lips; unfortunately, they are dry and chapped. So, I’ll try to drink more water.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If your lips are chapped and dry, they will tend to
      darken. To prevent this, you can put aloe vera or
      honey on your lips before going to sleep.

  10. I usually get cracked skin lips. It is not a big deal though because I can just peel it off. However, if this could help minimize this I will get it.

  11. What does this do? I mean I understand a lipstick but not this. However, I can definitely use this or find a use for this.

  12. Maybe I have to start drinking my tea with straw as I like to take my tea or coffee daily at least twice or thrice daily. I really need to deal with my black lips.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      You can continue to drink
      your coffe and tea as always but don’t hesitate
      to test my advices if you want keep beautiful lips.

  13. I have always been cursed with chapped lips, leading to darker lip tone. It’s nice to see that there are remedies to try and help solve the problem – I’m really all out for these natural treatments. Mother Nature really is so wonderful.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s sure if you take time
      to look around you, the nature could be very effective to help

  14. Informative guide about lightening lips. I just knew it that a contact of your lips to coffee could darken lips. Unfortunately I couldn’t quit drinking coffee.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      You don’t need to let the coffee.
      You have the solution for avoiding dark lips, use it if
      you need.

  15. Sounds like useful tips. I especially like the toothbrush and cotton idea because it’s cheap and easy to do daily. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Good idea to research your lipstick brand before applying. I agree, that if your lips are showing bad signs of decay, it’s time to switch up your routine and apply an effective solution.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it’s better to prevent and try good product
      instead of make long treatment.

  17. My lips really get so dry and even crack when exposed to sun. Even after using lip balm doesn’t seem to help so much. i will surely try this remedy, since its natural products.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It is always good to moisturize your skin’s lips
      it’s a very fragile skin.
      I hope my article will help you.
      Give me some news.

  18. Very detailed guide regarding lightening lips. I am aware of the fact that a contact of your lips to coffee can make the lips darkened.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Yes the coffe can darken the lips but you
      have the tips to cure this now. So you don’t
      need to stop drinking coffee!

  19. This is definitely a strange problem at least for me. Strange because I have met women who darkens their lips on purpose.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Yes, the beauty criteria are different
      for each person. Some women can like to have
      dark lips. The most important is to feel
      good with yourself.

  20. This is why I do not smoke. Cigars can kill your cells which is why someone could have dark lips. Anyway I can give this a try.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it’s better to avoid bad habits
      and stay in good health.
      If you always take care of your skin
      you will never need any treatment later.

  21. prevention is better than cure I think I will rather protect or prevent my lips from getting darker. I prefer the sunscreen protection on the lips.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s totaly true.
      Protect your skin will make you avoid
      the long treatment.

  22. For smokers I don’t think just lightening the lips will help if they do not stop their bad habits. Changing habits can really help to keep one’s lips from being dark.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I absolutely agree, change bad habits
      can help for the health and for the skin.

  23. Thank you for the tips! All I’ve been doing is putting lighter shade of lip balm on it. I’m going to try with the cotton and water first and if that doesn’t work, try the other tips.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s better if you can make your lips
      lighter instead of put make up, if you can.
      Sometimes the dark color of the lips is genetic so this
      can’t be changed.
      Give me some news!

  24. I think my own darks lips stems from bad weather. I have a very dry lips and it becomes worse in the cold season. I will try the simple lip scrub. Hope it helps me.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the scrub could really help. The cold weather
      is not the best friend of our lips.
      But it’s better to put lips balm after the treatment,
      your resluts could last longer.

  25. I have dark spots here and there. My lips is one that I am a bit concerned of because I do not apply lipstick too often so it really shows. I like to try these tips since having dark lips that are darker than most of my face makes me look like a smoker although I am not.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s nice to do this scrub but
      if you want your result last a long time
      it’s better to put a lips balm after. The skin
      of the lips needs to be moisturize all day long.

  26. Lemon and sugar is a good exfoliant of the lips. It does not lighten your lips immediately but it will. You just have to be patient and didligently apply it over a course of a few weeks.

  27. Luscious lips at the top! Thanks for all the info. I’ve definitely seen a correlation between sun exposure and medication with dry lips. I’ll for sure know what to watch out for in the future.

  28. Good tips to research lipstick brands and to use household ingredients as remedies. It’s great that science can vouch for lemon and sugar. Thanks for the read!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s always nice to look at what
      the nature can give us before buy products.

  29. Thanks a lot for the sugar and lemmon tip, I have been dealing with dry broken lips the last months and the color has became very poor and boring. Ill try your tip to recover mylips color.

  30. Well, I know some people feel good having a dark shade of makeup on their lips like my sister but that looks nice but for those with dark unattractive looking lips, this post is really for them.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, some persone feel good with dark lips,
      we are all different. Like you said, it
      could helps the others.

  31. Never knew some drugs or medicine can actually cause discoloration of the lips,I wonder what ingredients in the drug could cause that. Anyway great to do there’s a solution to eradicate such problem from the lips.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Some cosmetics indutries think of profit
      before the health of their costumer. Fortunately
      there is a new way of thinking today and we can find
      good products. just be careful!

  32. Since lipstick can bring about dark lips I think women should be a bit careful about the kind of lipsticks the buy especially the low quality one’s. No need scrubbing the lips and still going back to wear the same bad lipstick.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I totaly agree.
      It is useless to heal ourself, if we
      start again with the same bad habits.

  33. I like to use the restorative balm since it based on vitamin A and E that allow thin skin of the lips to heal and regenerate and subsequently lighten it too in the long run.

  34. I have tried rubbing lemon on different part of the body. It was very effective as a lightening agent. I haven’t tried it on my lips so I’m going to try it!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the lemon is one of the best
      ingredient to lighten the skin.
      I’m happy if my article could help you.
      Give me some news!

  35. Every morning I walk to my office and since I walk on the side of the road I am exposed to the sun and other elements. I noticed that my lips have slightly darkened because of that. Thanks for these tips, I am going to try applying lip balm and the lip rub.

    • Thanks for your nice comment.
      It’s nice to start taking care of your
      I hope my article will help you.
      Give me some news!

  36. My lips naturally get very dry and even crack especially when exposed to the sun. This tips are really helpful and simple for me, thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If your lips are dry don’t hesitate to
      use my tips before it darken. They need to be miosturized
      several times in a day.

  37. I always love to take lemon and sugar, now that i know it could be a great solution for my dry lips too, i will definitely use it. Kudos for this eye opener.

  38. I always love to take lemon and sugar, now that i know it could be a great solution for my dry lips too, i will definitely use it. Kudos for this eye opener.

  39. A lot of factors take play for healthy lips. It’s good to have methods like applying lemon and sugar and staying hydrated early on in life so you develop the right habits. Great read!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s better to start the good habits
      and avoid skin damage and long treatment.

  40. Avoiding chemical use and limiting sun exposure are key for your lips and all health benefits. Thanks for listing all the maneuvers for healthier lips and overall happiness.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the long exposure to the sun can really
      damage the skin without protection.
      I’m happy if my article could help you.

  41. Thanks for this great post. I’ll try the sugar toremove the dead skin frommy lips, I’d like to know if you recomend a lips balm in special,cause I haven’t picked the rigth one yet. The ones that I have tried only get my lips greassy but they dont hydrate them.

  42. This is to say one can get dark lips from many ways people mostly believed it only when one is a smoker. Using a brush to scrub the lips is somewhat ideal for me.

  43. Great that most of the listed remedies are cost effective like the use of water and cotton wool, which after use one can just a moisturizer to soften it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I tried to find effective and cheap remedies,
      because we don’t all have the means to buy a skin
      product every month.

  44. Lip darkening is one problem we face here in my country. I have tried lightening it but the balms ended up making my lips big.I hope this tips work..

    • Thanks for talking about your experience.
      I assure you that with natural product you will never
      have any problems, except if you have allergies.
      So try my tips with confidence, I tried it first on my own body.
      Give me some news.

  45. Thanks for your tips, I used to suffer of cracked lips and White spots, becausse of the sun. But I started to use a lips balm, and to rubbing them gentily ro remove the death skin. Now my lips look beautiful

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s always important to moisturize your skin lips,
      because it’s really fragile and that’s one of the
      reason it can darken.

  46. Since drugs can also blacken the lips, it seem we should be careful with some drugs that could blacken them. It can naturally be remedied if we take drugs wisely .

  47. I hope smokers can see where you wrote that with elimination of smoking a once dark lips can turn pink again. I hope they will be able to stop to save both their lips and health.

  48. I really like the idea of using a slice of lemon and sugar. They are cheap and very readily available.

  49. Applying honey to the lips sounds like something I’d do a lot. Unfortunately I can’t trust myself not to lick it off immediately lol.

  50. I want to believe these three reasons reasons the sun, the bad quality products for the lips , allergies are really the culprits for dark lips. We must learn to prevent them too.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Sometimes you can have dark lips because they are naturally dark.
      It is also very nice.

  51. I will have to go for the lip balm. Good to know it’s isn’t about just brightening the lips but restorative too. Which is better.

  52. I know they’re people with natural dark lips like my son he was just born that way but it not using the natural remedy on the page is for secondary dark lips owners.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, in my article I told about the dark lips due
      to the outer elements and not the naturally dark one that
      are gorgeous.

  53. I will to lighten my lips with turmeric powder and a teaspoon of cold milk. It will make your lips look radiant again.

  54. I know there are women that just like wearing black liner on the lips, it a fashion thing to some women. So it seems like not everyone like the pink or red lips.

    • Everybody is different that’a why we have a lot of
      solutions. And the lips can be naturally black, it is also vrey beautiful.

  55. My upper lip is kinda dark. I will try sugar and lemon and keep myself hydrated.

  56. Lemon juices help me to lighten my toe nails when there were turning black so I’m sure it might work same for dark lips too.

  57. It good you added the clause because I was considering if the lips wouldn’t get cracked from too much scrubbing. I think doing it once per week will be okay

  58. I think most causes of these dark lips are just bad habits which one just need to eradicate first before trying to apply anything. This will help in the long run.

  59. I totally agree that lemon is a very effective brightener. But never knew about it being a very effective disinfectant that deeply purifies the skin. Well, now I know.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the lemon could really be a great
      product for cleaning the skin. It is just
      better to stay far from the sun after because
      the sun can irritates the skin.

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