How to remove tattoos at home – Effective and Naturals Solutions

Hello welcome back to my skinsatin blog. Today I want to talk about a problem some people can cross and that is not pleasant. Sometimes some persons go through some important moment in their life, moments that are so important they decide to make it indelible. Some people write diary, others take a picture of this special moment and some others will get tattoos on their skin. We can also get tattoo because we just want it on the moment.

But this act is not trivial is an injection of ink into the skin, which makes it indelible. Even if it’s a thoughtful and mature act, there may come a time in life when we no longer want this tattoo. That’s where the worries can begin! I will offer you effective and naturals solution that can remove tattoos and I will talk you about medical solutions more radical, more expensive and more painful. Follow the guide!


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How to remove tattoos at home – Effective and Naturals Solutions

Tattoos have become a real fashion effect, but there are also more and more people who regret them. With this problem there are a lot of home remedy that arrive on the internet. These home remedies may work well, but there are many that are useless even dangerous. I’m going to tell you about the effective and naturals solutions that close friends had experienced and have given good results.

I let you consult this natural solutions and choose the one that suits you best!



1. Aloe Vera + Vitamin E oil + Exfoliating treatment with apricot stone:

It’s possible to make a peeling with these ingredients to remove the tattoo.

Add to a container an equal dose of this 3 ingredients. After mixing apply the cream on the tattooed area. Apply this cream by making circular movement on the tattoo for it penetrate well. Make this movement for about 10 minutes then wash the tattoo area with cold water.

You can do this treatment 4 times a day during a month. It all depends of the size, the age and the pigment of the tattoo. This method works thanks to the glycolic acid contains in a large quantity in the apricot. Like the TCA peel, it chemically burns the skin to remove the tattoos ink pigment.

The results are progressive but this method is very effective. You will certainly only feel itching without any other side effects. It may seem long but I assure you, I saw it with my eyes it works. But it can last more or less long.






2. Abrasive Scrub

For this natural solution, it’s better to have a good tolerance threshold to pain! An abrasive scrub can hurt a lot and leave scars. Because it scours the skin very aggressively. If despite my warning, you still want to do it, follow this method:

You will need an aloe vera gel and sanding powder. Mix the gel and sanding powder until you get a sandy paste. Spread the mixture on the area where you want to remove the tattoo and rub this area with a pumice, being very careful.

To avoid scaring it will not rub more than a minute in a row. For good results, repeat this painful method, 3 times a day for a month.


3. Salt-based peeling

It’s a salt-based mixture which after several applications fades the tattoo but doesn’t completely eliminate it.

Make an abrasive past with a mixture of sea salt and water. The paste must be thick and rough. Apply the paste on the area of the tattoo to remove, rub with a clean gauze.

Look at the reaction of your skin and possible side effect such as irritation or skin discoloration.

Repeat for several days, the results depend on the types of the skin, the age, the size and the types of tattoo ink. I think it would be better to try first with a doctor.






How to remove tattoos at home – Medical solutions

1. The laser solution

According to the rumors, the laser would be the best medical solution to remove tattoos. Normally the laser leaves no scars.

The laser burst the ink in very small peaces so that the body can eliminate it naturally like a simple waste. But don’t think it’s a very fast intervention! No, no, no! Everything will depend on the size of your tattoo, it can last 6 sessions, spaced six weeks. A friend told me that although the session only last 10 minutes, it was really, very painful and even worse that when she did her tattoo.

After a session, we can see redness or swelling even crusts on the skin. On the dark skin the laser can leave this part of skin paler than the rest of the skin, the natural pigmentation returns after a few months.

The price of all the session often cost more than tattooing.


2. Remove tattoos by injection and extrusion

With this method, we introduce a natural solution made with lactic acid which act as a sponge and absorb the tattoo ink. Then the ink is removed thanks to the healing crust.

The session is done with or without anesthesia on small areas. After the sessions it takes two weeks for the ink to be absorb as crust. It will take up to 5 sessions depending on of the size of the tattoo.


3. Dermabrasion

This technique removes the top layer of the skin. It will fade or make disappear the tattoo. The dermatologist will give you a local anesthesia and work with a small grinder. The price depends on the tattoo.





How to remove tattoos at home – Pros and Cons

The big pros is to remove tattoos alone, it cost less money because we make it with product that can be found in any stores. We use natural product which not affects the skin like chemicals. The results are often progressive so if we prefer to stop and move toward a specialist we can always do it. This is because we control our action, if we realize that it affects the skin, we have the freedom to stop right away. We didn’t pay anything other than our product and that we didn’t commit to expensive fees.

The big cons, is that we have no medical control. It’s possible that we damage our skin by wanting to do too much. We don’t know which method is suitable for our skin before trying it. The results are not fast, they are progressive, and the tattoos damaged by the method can be even more unpleasant to have. We can be quite disappointed with the result and still end up going to see a doctor.






How to remove tattoos at home – What is the best solution ?

There isn’t best solutions. The naturals solutions that I propose are of course less expensive than the natural method. You have to know what you want, if you want a quick result and you have the financial means to do it, go ahead.

If you are ready to wait with a progressive results with a much longer process, then use a homemade method.

What you need to know is none of this method are pleasant to do, remove tattoos is long and it hurts. None of this method can happen without crust, without scars or without irritation All these methods attack the skin to remove ink that is well embedded inside. The difference is that the medical methods are controlled, faster, more expensive and there is an obligation of result. Natural methods are cheaper and you can start over again as many times as you need without spending too much money





Tattoos could be a beautiful experience, they can beautify a body, a face. But you really have to reflex before do it. Think about the present moment and later. When I say later it’s a lot later. Will you still be happy at 50 years young with your wife or your husband name tattoo on your arm? Unfortunately, we don’t know, that’s why I think that the tattoo must be as neutral as possible. It’s better if it remains a beautiful drawing, an “objet d’art” and not a “Baby I love you”, that you may don’t want to see in a few months or a few years later.

We must always think that we have only one body that we must treat as best as possible!




Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!








  1. Nice article. This gives people a chance to return their skins back to what they were. The fact that there is a home-accessible step makes it reachable to typical citizens. Good!

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Yes, medical solution can be very
      To be able to do it at home, is always a
      solution for a bigger public.

  2. I agree, many tattoos can feel right in the moment, but later feel regrettable. I always thought laser was the only method of removal, so I do find it interesting that there are other less expensive ways. I think they should make laser treatment cheaper with all the unwanted tattoos. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a laser
      session. the natural method are effective just a little longer
      for the result. It worth it to try.

  3. I really prefer the natural way of removing the tattoo,it seems it cheap and less cumbersome especially the salt-based peeling which after several applications fades the tattoo though it doesn’t completely eliminate it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the natural method is effective, and
      the result can be really interesting but
      simply longer to happen.

  4. Very informative article. I think I will try the natural solution to my husband. I always wanted him to remove his tattoo on his arm.

    • Thanks for your comment Gail.
      It’s always better to try the natural solution.
      The result is just a little longer to arrive.

  5. Woah! I can’t believe that there’s actually a home remedy for removing tattoos. The only way that I am aware of is thru medical lasers. Glad to know about this excellent product. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your nice comment.
      There is always a natural solution for almost
      everything. I hope this one will
      help you if you need it.

  6. I did have a tattoo as a teen and I have been trying to remove it though in a cheap way. Trying out the natural remedies and I hope it works for me.

  7. At some point, someone might get tired of the beauty he/she had put on skin. It’s good that you have an article to remove the tattoos and interesting, you can do it at home.

  8. I do not have tattoo so I may not need this. However, If you are in a job application you may need this.

  9. Never knew that there is a home remedy for removing tattoos. People should about this by now! Not only will it save their time but also their money. Thank you for the informative blog!

    • Thanks for your kind words!
      I hope I can help people to
      find less expensive alternative and natural.
      This my goal.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I try to find natural products
      for helping the people to save their time
      and money, so I hope it can help.


  10. My cousin wants to remove his because he got it on a whim and didn’t really like it in the end. I could recommend this to him since it’s natural and less expensive than laser treatments.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If your cousin is ready to wait
      a little longer to see his tattoo
      desappear, he can attempt.
      Give some news!

  11. Oh wow, I never imgined that an apicot peeling could be so effective to remove a tatto. I’m wondering iff it works well for the parts of the body or its harder to remoe them in some areas.

    • Thanks for your comment and your question.
      Yes we can do it in all part of the body
      but if you have tattoo on more delicate area, it’s
      better to make it with a specialist.

  12. Haven’t had any tattoos done on myself, but this is pretty nifty for people who are looking for ways to remove theirs. But as with any part of our body, we have to be careful. It’s always better to leave this to experts, if we do have the time and money, but it’s also wonderful there are natural methods one can try on their own, at their own risk of course.

    • I absolutely agree, if you have money
      try what suits you best. But the natural method could
      be very effective too.

  13. Removing of tattoos can be tricky. Good to know that there are Naturals Solutions how to remove tattoos at home. Helpful post!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes you can do it at home, but this is natural
      solution so the final result will be longer to come.
      I just want you don’t forget that. We have to be
      patient with natural product.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it’s costly and very long also but
      it’s less long than the natural methods.
      If the person has means, she/he could try it.

  14. Dermabrasion sounds super painful though. But it looks like the most effective method too

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, it’s a painful method but really effective at home.
      But we can try other methods less painful.

  15. That’s why it is important to think carefully about whether you want a tattoo or not, and if so, where you want it. So many people get tattoos just because they think it is cool and end up regretting it later on. Hopefully this article can help them if they need to remove theirs.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Totally agree, but sometimes we just want to think
      about the present moment and forget the futur.
      Thanks for your useful comment

  16. I got a tattoo once with a friend of mine. Good think mine was not permanent huh! I guess with this article I could have gotten one.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      It’s better to avoid having to remove it. These are
      unpleasant and it can take time. Even if it’s very

  17. I think salt peeling therapy will be easily used since the remedy looks simple and easy.. it can easily be done and used without much stress.

  18. All this time I thought tattoos are permanent. I mean they can never be removed. Good thing I have read about this and ao if ever I get a tattoo and want it removed then I can use one of your suggestions.

  19. Removing tattoo with injection is still okay, With the natural solution which is made with lactic acid which the sponge helps to absorb the tattoo ink is a good healing crust.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The lactic acid is very useful, My friend
      try this for her tattoo. She did it 3 times and
      the result was amazing.

  20. I guess you can just go to your dermatologist and have it removed. Its kind of scarry knowing you have to remove something from your skin that is placed there artificially.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes you can go to see a specialist,
      but if the person wants to try the natural remedies first,
      it’s a choice.

  21. This post is a perfect timing, as a friend of mine is looking for a natural way to remove his tattoo. So thank you for the tattoo removal tips. The info is very helpful.

  22. I didn’t know there were natural methods to remove tattoos, this is so enlightening. I always prefer to go natural.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Yes there is natural method for almost all
      the skin prblems.We just need to take time to
      look around us.

  23. I concur with you. It’s better to go neutral, as you may not know how you feel about a person you tattooed on your body 50 years later.

  24. Well even with the medical procedure in place I think people should try out the home made method more. To me the items to be used are more natural.

  25. I like home based tattoo removal because it’s cost effective and can be done without much stress at home and easily too.

  26. Woww, i never knew there were methods to remove tattoos at home. No doubt one has to be patient when trying out this method so as to get the desired results, and it is less expensive too.

    • Thanks for this comment.
      You are right, it takes time because ths are
      natural remedies. But if you are
      persistent it can be effective.

  27. I have never had a tattoo, i feel the procedure of having it done and then if eventually, removing it could be quite cumbersome. However, these your home methods seems really effective in removing tattoos. I would definitely refer anyone who wants to remove their tattoos at home to these methods.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes it can be painful, it is for this
      reason that I propose several options.
      Thank you for sharing my article.

  28. I never got any tattoo in my body. However, I want to suggest to my friend Aloe Vera + Vitamin E oil + Exfoliating treatment with apricot stone tip who wants her tattoo to be removed. I just hope t really works.

  29. I think laser solution is much helpful to remove tattoo. Painful but could be effective to remove tattoos.

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