Natural Mineral Makeup – The best for your skin

Welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about the natural mineral makeup. I always tell you how skin can be sensitive to the outer element and how to protect it from irritations, acne pimples ( if you want to know how to cure adult acne naturally click here), redness and so on. One of the cause of this skin problem may be the toxic products that we can find in the classic makeup. This makeup that is supposed to make us even more beautiful, this makeup can simply ruin our skin. I always think of the pregnant(you can get rid of pregnancy mask, have a look here) women who at this beautiful period want to feel even more beautiful than ever and can sometimes pass through their skin bad elements to their baby because of the toxic products of the traditional makeup. That’s why natural mineral makeup is one of the best choice you can make. Ladies, I will take you on a wonderful journey where you will discover that natural mineral makeup is the best choice to avoid all skin problems. Follow the guide!


Natural Mineral Makeup – What is it ?

We talk about natural mineral makeup because it’s made from natural minerals. We don’t find synthetic substances in this makeup such as silicone that we can find in traditional makeup. In a real natural mineral make up, there is no perfume, talc or dye. We don’t often find it in a form of cream or fluid. If you find natural mineral makeup in cream or fluid, it is made with vegetable oils and no paraffin or petrochemical oils that we find in conventional makeup.




Natural Mineral Makeup – The difference with traditional makeup

In traditional makeup there is paraben and others endocrine disruptors and other carcinogenic products. Unlike natural mineral makeup where we find only minerals. In the natural mineral makeup, there is no preservative, it’s naturally antimicrobial, it protects the skin while making us more beautiful.

Which is not the case of traditional makeup that doesn’t protect the skin at all. The traditional makeup damage the skin by obstructing the pores to camouflage the defects. If the person already has skin problems, they will worsen and the person will use even more makeup to camouflage the new skin problems that will be aggravated by the traditional makeup. We often meet this kind of problems with foundations of traditional makeup. It’s a vicious circle.

What you need to know is that the production of natural mineral makeup is a virtuous circle. What I mean is that it uses land resources to make it. It doesn’t need limited resources as in the traditional makeup which is much better for the environment.


Natural Mineral Makeup – For whom ?

The natural mineral makeup is for all skin types, it takes care of really all skin types. This because there is no fat, no perfume and no preservative. It is long-lasting, it soothes the skin and is anti-inflamatory.

Whether you have combination, oily or acne skin, natural mineral makeup adapts to your skin. With combination or oily skin, it absorbs sebum, unifies complexion and correct imperfections. For acne, it doesn’t clog the pores and allows your skin to breath.

For sensitive or dry skin, natural mineral make up helps hydrate and soothe the skin, thanks to its mineral salts. As it’s completely natural there is no risk of allergies for sensitive skin. So if you have been sensitized by an anti acne treatment, this makeup is not going to make it worse. On the contrary the natural mineral makeup will appease it.

For mature skin with winkles and fine lines, natural mineral makeup is perfect for them. Thanks to the mineral that melt on the skin, there will be no plaster effect as with a traditional foundation. The mature skin will be more luminous and will have a healthy look.

There is one more thing very interesting with this makeup 100% natural, is that it protects your skin from the sun. While applying it to your skin, you also apply a sun protection. (Look how to heal a sunburn naturally)


Natural Mineral Makeup – 100% Pure brand

For makeup 100% Pure brand is amazing! Like all its products, all its makeup have a natural origin. All the pigments of their makeup come from fruits and vegetables. 100% Pure natural mineral makeup are a real experience of freshness, for me. If you try their makeup one day or another, you will understand all that I have explained in this article.

100% Pure makeup allows the skin to breath and adapts to all skin types. When I apply their foundation powder, I really feel like I have nothing on my skin because it’s so light.

What is rare and amazing is that you have the full range of makeup in nature mineral makeup. It goes from foundation to mascara or lipstick.

What I like most in their makeup range after their foundation is the liquid eyeliner. It’s true that I was not sure how to use it because I always applied dry eyeliner, but with a little habit I did it. Thanks to its liquid aspect it allows to make a regular line without erasures. Unlike the other traditional eyeliner I applied before, this one really last a long time, I don’t need to touch up in the day. And with the traditional eyeliner, I always have red eyes at the end of the day, now I have beautiful eyes all day without redness. The best is this product like all the range of makeup for this brand it’s made with completely vegetables and mineral ingredients.

Often when I talk about this brand the women tell me it’s expensive. I tell you that it’s much cheaper than well-known brands like Givenchy and Dior. And 100% Pure always make special offers that allow us to buy their products for much less. Above all, don’t forget your health, natural mineral makeup is an asset for your health and allows your skin to remain beautiful and bright unlike traditional makeup.



Natural Mineral Makeup – Conclusion

As you understand I am an absolute fan of natural mineral makeup. It was a real and beautiful discovery for me. My sensitive skin is healthier and its appearance has even improved. I also advise pregnant women who love putting on makeup. You don’t risk ingesting through your skin bad product for you or your baby. There are only advantages to opt for natural mineral makeup. So don’t hesitate to try and tell me what you think.




Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment. So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!




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