Port Wine Stain – How To Get Rid Of It

Welcome back to my SkinSatin Blog! Today I want to talk about port wine stain. I’m sure you already meet people with this red birthmark on the face. The port wine stain is a birthmark that is not very discreet and can thicken and expand with time. There is unfortunately no effective natural solution to treat this birthmark. But there are medical and cosmetics solutions to reduce this port wine stain. So let’s find them together. Follow the guide!

Port Wine Stain -What is it?

Port wine stain is an angioma that is caused by vascular injury. This vascular lesion is often present at birth or a few months after birth. Specifically, the port wine stain is a malformation of the skin caused by vascular bladders too dilated. The port wine stain is a pink or red spot that can be on the body or face. It is a task that stays with you all your life and grows with growth. When the body reaches its final size the port wine stain stops its enlargement.

Port Wine Stain – Medical Solution

The only medical solution that is a great success on the port wine stain is the pulsed dye laser. It is a method that has existed for more than 20 years and is not dangerous for the body. Indeed, it is a light-based laser only. With this laser your port wine stain can be well attenuated or completely removed without scarring. If this port wine stain concerns your child, it is better to go consult a doctor as soon as possible. Because the treated surface will be much smaller and the skin less thick than at the adult age. So if it concerns a baby, he/she will have better results.

Course of the laser session:

At the first session your doctor will take pictures of your port wine stain. Then your doctor will do a test session on a small surface to evaluate the reaction of your skin with the laser.

An hour before the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream on the port wine stain. But if the port wine stain is on a very large surface of your skin, your doctor will certainly make you a general anesthesia.

The laser treatment on the port wine stain can be quite long. Between each session there is a waiting period before the next session. This can exceed 10 times since it depends on the size of your port wine stain, and the reaction of your skin. Your port wine stain will clear progressively, but if it is very thick it will not disappear completely.

Pain :

It depends on your sensitivity. The laser can be very painful so your doctor managed the anesthesia. So that the session that will help you alleviate your port wine stain is the least unpleasant possible.

Following the laser session:

The port wine stain will take a purplish color for about ten days. It may also be swollen because there are small spots of blood that can form under the skin. It is possible that there are very fine crusts that form, they are eliminated all alone in a few days, so do not tear them off. But all these effects will be absorbed in the next 5 to 15 days.

Results and after How long:

After 2 or 3 sessions, you will begin to see, your port wine stain fade. There can be an improvement of 80% and in some cases there is no improvement at all because if your port wine stain is very thick, it may be more resistant to pulsed dye laser.

Care after the session:

After treating your port wine stain with laser, there will be some local treatments to do. This will be done for 4 or 5 days. Your doctor may also allow you to hide your scars with makeup so that you do not feel uncomfortable.


The risks are very low but exist especially if there are many passages on the same area.

– The skin may become a little lighter than normal, but it will fade over time.

– Hyperpigmentation may appear that are brown spots, but this will disappear in a few months.

As you have read, there are many benefits to try and very little risk. So if you can, do not hesitate to start the session with a doctor.

Port Wine Stain – Cosmetics Solutions

The corrective makeup helps to forget a scar too visible or as what concerns us today, a port wine stain. You will mainly need grease blush makeup.

To camouflage, a port wine stain, you will need the following equipment:

– Foundation Brush

– Round beveled brush

– Liquid foundation

– Grease Blush

– Synthetic brush

– Foundation Palette

– Free powder

– Grease blush of colors

To correct your port wine stain first apply your liquid foundation with a brush. You will see, that your port wine stain is already less visible. Then apply the anti-ring. Then apply a green blush if the port wine stain is red and a yellow blush if the port wine stain is purple. Put back very gently to avoid moving the makeup, a layer of foundation, make it by tapping on the area. Finish your corrective makeup session by applying free powder.

Port Wine Stain – Prevention

There is no way to prevent a port wine stain. Port wine stain is an unpredictable vascular abnormality. Nevertheless, if you discover a beginning of port wine stain on your skin or on that of your child, it is good to begin a medical follow-up to avoid very rare complications. The sooner your port wine stain will be taken care of by laser treatment the easier it will go away.

Port Wine Stain – Conclusion

To be different is not easy. At first, you can live it as a punishment. People can be of a cruelty without limits. But growing up is good to learn to accept what makes us unique. There are lots of ways to hide your physical defects, but the best way to feel good is to deal with them. My grandmother called my uncle’s port wine stain “the kiss of God”. What she wanted to say to him is that it’s not a curse. It’s like that, that’s all, and before you want to change everything, learning to accept yourself is the best way to move to another stage. Take the time to think about the solution that suits you best and continue to accept you as you are because we are all beautiful as we are.

Thank you for taking the time to read me. I wish you a good evening or a good day. Stay cool, smiley, sexy and see you soon!


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