Pregnancy Mask – Natural Treatment

Welcome back to my skinsatin blog. Today I want to talk to you about a typical female problem. But if you are a man and soon a dad, don’t hesitate to read it. You will be able to understand what your dear and tender partner could live at this beautiful moment. Pregnancy mask doesn’t affect all women, but it can be really disturbing for a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy is a magic moment, wonderful and full of discovery. But sometimes hormones play tricks on us and we can end up with dark spots on the face. This problem is not magic at all! it’s very annoying. There is plenty of medical solution for this, but it can only be used after pregnancy. It is of course out of the question to take drugs or creams that are toxic to the fetus. Then it’s good to know all you can do to get rid of this pregnancy mask naturally and safely for your baby. After that, you will feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy. So follow the guide!



Pregnancy Mask – What is it ?

Pregnancy mask or melasma are brown spots of different width that appear on the face. It doesn’t concern all women, it can happen in the 4th month when the mother exposes herself to the sun but not only. It depends mainly on regions and countries where the woman lives. The pregnancy mask appears because of too much production of melanin(it’s the pignement that colors the skin). The medical world doesn’t know yet what produces this disturbance. Doctors know that the pregnancy mask is triggered by the sun and the sexual hormones(estrogen and progesterone). It often affects dark skin.

The pregnancy mask is quickly remove after childbirth but it can be resistant up to 6 months after birth. To speed up the removal of these spots, there is medical solutions but many women prefer first to try natural treatment




If you want to learn how to get rid of your melasma naturally and very quickly click on this image:



Pregnancy Mask – Natural Treatment

I just want to give you one advice, consult a specialist before starting a treatment whether it’s natural or not, the specialist will give you the real origin of your brown spots. My natural solutions will be to make mask against the mask. As we say to fight evil with evil. More seriously, there is several sorts of mask that have really good result on the pregnancy mask. Have a look and chose what suits you best.




You will need:

– 1 tablespoons of turmeric in powder.

– 1 tablespoons of lemon juice

Mix turmeric and fresh lemon juice together and apply it on the pregnancy mask. – Leave the mixture on the pregnancy mask until completely dry(about 15 minutes) and rinse with cold water.

Doing it once or twice a day until the pregnancy mask become less visible. If the lemon juice is very irritating replace with milk. Avoid the sun after this treatment.





You will need:

– 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey

– 1 or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

The quantity depends on the number of areas that need treatment.

Mix the two ingredients together and leave it half an hour on the pregnancy mask. Then rinse with cold water.




There is a simple thing against the pregnancy mask or melasma this are slices of onions.

You just have to cut one or two slices of onions – rub them on the melasma area – leave 10 or 15 minutes and rinse.

It may not be very pleasant but it is extremely efficient and easy to do.





You will need:

– 2 teaspoons of baking soda

– a little water

You have to get a thick liquid so don’t pour too much water.

Apply this mixture 3 times a day on the pregnancy mask – Leave for 15 minutes and rinse.

Leave it longer on the skin if you support, if it irritates your skin don’t do it anymore.



Pregnancy Mask – Medical Treatment

When the pregnancy mask begin to show the tips of its nose, you may want to get rid of it as soon as possible For that, there is are always medical solutions. With a specialist you are sure to have a quick result, much more expensive of course and more aggressive. But if you can afford it and you are not afraid of the pain, go for it. The specialist will certainly offer different options, depending on the type of skin you have.



The dermatologist will certainly prescribe you a lightening cream containing hydroquinone, which is a very dangerous product for health if it is not well dosed, but the doctor will take care of you. This cream will stop the production of melanin which is one of the principal cause of the hyperpigmentation of your skin. By applying this cream for several months your skin will become lighter.




Laser treatment is fast but aggressive.

The first laser dilated vessels which accentuate the appearance of the pregnancy mask, so the laser destroy these vessels which is unified the complexion.

There is another kind of laser that destroy the melanin spots but doesn’t cure the cause of the problem. It will be necessary to return to make a treatment.

Then there is is another laser that remove the dark pigment and firm the skin.

It will certainly be necessary to use these 3 lasers to have good results. Session can cost up $200.



Pregnancy Mask – Prevention


To avoid the pregnancy mask, it’s good to protect yourself from the sun. The sun rays of spring or summer can cause the appearance of brown spots more or less wide. If your skin is subject to this problem, you will need to apply a good sunscreen and avoiding exposing yourself too long to the sun.




As the pregnancy mask doesn’t concern only pregnant women, avoid taking contraceptive pills containing estrogen. If it happens frequently to the pregnant women it’s also because of the sex hormone estrogen. Then if sou are prone to this problem, and you are taking contraceptive pills based on this hormone, it will cause the same problem. It’s better to ask your doctor another type of pill or to change the method of contraception.


Pregnancy Mask – Conclusion

Pregnancy mask is not a serious thing. It’s just a hormonal symptom, it can therefore be adjusted naturally or medically. The natural or medical solutions are not necessary fast, the mask can come back if the cause has not been settled. But most of the time when you are pregnant, the mask withdraw itself once you have given birth, within 2 or 3 months. During your pregnancy as you won’t be able to do medical treatment, don’t hesitate to do preventive treatment with my natural remedies. But above all, protect yourself from the sun with a good sunscreen, glasses and a hat.


Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!


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