Redhead Skin – How to take care of it

Welcome back to my Skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about redhead skin. Redhead skin is not always easy to assume and it is not normal. Yes! Because redhead skin can really be absolutely fabulous if you take care of it. I noticed it with a friend of mine, who has red hair almost carrot. I find it really original and her skin that she loves to pamper is beautiful. And if you want to learn how to take care of your redhead skin follow the guide! Long live the skin of redhead!

Redhead Skin – What is a redhead skin ?

Redhead skin is not very large in the world population. Indeed, there is much more red hair in the European continent than elsewhere in the world. The cause of redhead skin and red hair is the lack of mutation of the two genes that are responsible for hair color. As these two genes are responsible for the brown-black and red-yellow color and they are nonexistent on the redhead skin, this is the reason why the redheads are very pale and have red hair.

On redhead skin we notice pretty freckles that are also called ephelids. These freckles are the result of the distribution of pigmentation made by the melanocyte that produces the melanosome. If the melanosome is well distributed it allows the skin to tan evenly. But this is not the case for the redhead skin. Which means that as soon as a redhead skin exposed to the sun, as the melanosome is not well distributed, it forms freckles.

So some parts of the redhead skin becomes darker thanks to the melansosme and the rest of the skin remains pale. It is this peculiarity that makes the redhead skin fragile. Redhead skin is not protected against UVB rays, which makes the risk of skin cancer much more likely. Indeed, a redhead skin that is exposed to the sun without protection can quickly cause melanoma. This skin cancer can appear anywhere on the body from head to toe and even in the scalp.

Redhead Skin –
10 very good tips to follow

Taking care of your skin if you have a redhead skin is very important because it is very fragile and easily mark.

There are some very simple things to do so that your redhead skin stays fabulously beautiful and radiant then follow the tips below:

1. Sun Protection:

Never forget to put sunscreen in all seasons. This will prevent you from seeing red and burned skin.

2. Natural product for sensitive skin:

The best product to protect your sensitive redhead skin is olive oil. It may be fat but it hydrates extremely well.

3. Do not hide your freckles:

For a redhead skin hiding your freckles or if you make the sacrilege of blurring with lemon, would be a big mistake. Put them in value, show them, thanks to a good light makeup.

4. Refresh your tired skin:

Redhead skin tends to have dark circles around the eyes very marked almost blue. So do not hesitate to deposit ice a few seconds several times under your eyes to restart blood circulation effectively.

5. Show your eyebrows:

The redhead skin tends to have very pale eyebrows and it must be recognized that a face where we do not see the eyebrows gives a rather hard and strange appearance. So if you are one of those who have this very pale eyebrow problem, do not hesitate to emphasize them with an eyebrow pencil slightly darker than your red hair.

6. Put on mascara:

It is true that as for the eyebrows the redhead skin often has translucent lashes and it is much more attractive to emphasize your look with mascara. Do not put black mascara because it would look too hard try a mascara in the brown tone.

7. Put the right eye shadow color:

For redhead skin, green, blue and plum are the best colors to enhance your look. The colors to avoid for redhead skin are red, pink and white. If you do not believe me try and you will see!

8. Do not forget the blush:

A redhead skin may look dull and not very dynamic. So do not hesitate to define your face with a darker blush that will enhance your complexion and better define your face.

9. See your lips in red:

The big advantage with redhead skin is that you can wear red lipstick on any occasion without it being vulgar. So abuse your red lipstick tube you have the right!

10. Never forget your green concealer:

The redhead skin has unfortunately often redness to camouflage. That’s why your green concealer should become your best friend.

Redhead Skin –

How to make a natural exfoliation on redhead skin

The redhead skin is drier than other skin. They tend to flake off and be very easily irritated. Whenever the redhead skin is exposed to the sun, protect it with a sun cream of index 50 and put an after sun cream. As with all skin, redhead skin needs to be exfoliated from time to time to remove dead skin. But it will be good to avoid too aggressive exfoliating products that will irritate the redhead skin.

You will need:

– One tablespoon of chick pea flour

– 1/2 teaspoon of yogurt

– 2 drops of glycerin

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, until you get a smooth paste. Spread the paste on the face avoiding the eye area. You do not need to scrub with this mask which will prevent redness. After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

To keep a beautiful redhead skin well hydrate avoid bubble baths because it dries the skin. Also, drink enough water and use superfatted cream and soap.

Redhead Skin -Prevention

The biggest enemy of redhead skin is the SUN! Because of pheomelanin, redhead skin must never be exposed to the sun without protection. Indeed, pheomelanin is the pigment that gives color to red hair. This pigment when exposed to the sun does not protect the redhead skin against the sun. On the contrary, this pigment releases more free radicals than it captures. Which increase the risk of cancer.

If you can, do not go out between 11 am and 4 pm. but if like most people you have a life outside and you can not do otherwise then wear anti-UV t-shirts because the sun does not like you.

Whatever the season of the year winter or summer do not forget to spread your redhead skin with sunscreen index 50+. Then once you have managed to escape the sun and are safe at home, put cream after sun so that your skin does not dry out.


The  redhead skin is a beautiful skin full of nuance thanks to the beautiful freckles you have. But it is important to protect your  redhead skin because as you have understood, the sun is not your friends at all. So never forget to protect your beautiful redhead skin with a good sunscreen all year round. Then put your redhead skin in value with makeup that will bring out all its beauty.

Thank you for taking the time to read me. I wish you a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, smiling, sexy and see you soon!


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