Remove birthmark – Natural and Medical Remedies

Welcome back to my Skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about a problem that many people know. Birthmarks are not always easy to assume, it depends on where they are located. When the birthmark is on the face, it is often very difficult to a young person to assume it. These young person are often mocked and experience this difference as an exclusion. So it’s important to know that today there are plenty of solutions to remove birthmark. There are natural solutions that you can do at home and medical solutions that your doctor can propose you or as you will be better informed after you read my article, you can talk to him or her about the method you prefer and she or he will tell you what is better to use for your type of skin. Follow the guide!

Remove birthmark- What is it ?

The birthmark can be of very different shapes and colors. They can extend or diminish with age, depending on the body of the person. To improve the relationship with your body they are great solutions to remove birthmark.

A birthmark is therefore a patch of color that is more or less extended on the part of the body. The cause is often a malformation of the system of vessels of the body or a malformation of the lymphatic system which is an important part of the body’s defense system. But this skin’s spots are often safe. Some birthmarks are visible at birth and others appear during growth or very rarely at adulthood. Fortunately some birthmarks disappear during growth, but a large part spread with growth, that’s when you will be able to find a solution to remove birthmark.

Medicine doesn’t know the real cause of the appearance of the birthmark, this spots doesn’t depends of what the mother ate or did during her pregnancy. It is just depends on genetics.

Remove birthmark- Natural remedies

Birthmarks that are not dangerous or painful can disfigure your face and can weaken you psychologically. For some people natural remedies are effective but it is not the case for all the persons. I will offer you natural solution to remove birthmark, hoping it will work for you. If it doesn’t remove birthmark completely, it will certainly be able to fade it.


The papaya exfoliates the skin and makes new cells skin appear which will make your skin lighten and remove birthmark or fade it. The apricot can also very well lighten the skin.

– You will need to cut slices of papaya or apricot and apply one of this slice of fruits directly on the birthmark during 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can do it every day until you remove birthmark or you fade it.

If you prefer you can buy cream or soap with papaya and apply it directly on your birthmark 3 times a day. You can also buy apricot peeling.


The slight acidity of tomato juice and its antioxidant contains, can lighten the skin. Tomato is a natural bleaching agent like the acid from lemon juice.

– Take fresh tomato juice and apply directly on the birthmark. Let stand about 10 minutes before rinsing and drying. Do it once a day.

Another way:

– You can also use tomato’s slice and apply it directly on the birthmark. Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse your skin with warm water. You can do it every day until you have the desired result.


The ice cube or the cold compress help the skin to retain moisture and soften it. This will help the skin to become lighter thus removing birthmark or brightening it.

– Pack 3 or 4 ice cubes in a clean cloth, the cloth will protect your skin from the cold. Keep the cloth containing the ice cubes 15 to 20 minutes against your birthmark. Don’t exceed this period of time because it will damage your skin. Wait a good hour before starting again.

Remove birthmark- Medical Solutions

If natural remedies don’t work on you or despite these remedies your birthmark has not completely disappeared, it may be interesting to see a specialist doctor. Indeed, there are different treatment that can help remove birthmark depending on the type of your birthmark.


If you have a strawberry mark, your dermatologist may prescribe pills or injections, these injections are made directly into the strawberry mark. This two methods can reduce the size of your birthmark or slow down its development. But it will not go away.


The doctor will make short laser pulse on the birthmark which will help to lighten the color, reduce the size or stop its development. Several laser sessions can really brighten your birthmark. Unfortunately this not always effective and the birthmark can come back.


Your doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze the birthmark which will then peel the skin where the birthmark is. Then the doctor will peel the skin with sharp scraper. It’s an operation that may have complications because scars may remain and the part of the skin that have been treated may become lighter.

Remove birthmark- How to hide them ?

You can hide your birthmark with a tattoo for the most courageous and whimsical, but there is cheaper and faster way.

Thanks to makeup you can somehow remove your birthmark, very quickly and efficiently.

– Apply translucent mattifying powder to the area of the birthmark.

– With your brush or your finger apply a high coverage foundation on the area to be treated and sweep inside on this area to avoid overflowing with foundation.

– For the rest of the skin of your face, you will take the same foundation that you will mix with your moisturizing cream. So that the rest of your face will have the same color as the area of the birthmark. But the foundation will not be as thick as on the treated area.

– To freeze everything reapply translucent powder.

– Apply a bronzing powder on the contour of the face, but don’t put blush because it will make highlighting the area that you have corrected.

Remove birthmark – Conclusion

Remove birthmark is not easy. With a medical or natural treatment, the birthmark will fade which can make it almost invisible. But it will never really disappear either with natural method not recognize medically and medical method. Birthmarks can also disappear with age so sometimes it’s better to be patient than to try a hundred of medical treatments that can damage your skin. But if the birthmark doesn’t disappear with growth, then you can try the natural methods to remove the birthmark or make an appointment with a doctor. Whatever happens don’t dramatize, it’s not dangerous, you are not going to die and you are beautiful in your own way.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!


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