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Welcome back to my skinsatin blog. Today I want to talk about a problem that affects many women young and less young. As my title say I am going to talk you about stretch mark. I know as a woman that we all have stretch marks and if you tell us no; it’s a lie! I know you are lying because you wouldn’t be on my article. If you don’t lie, it’s because you are a little too young to understand what we live as women with a body that change all the time!

Stop joking! For a woman stretch mark could be a real complex. I have been complexed in bikini because I had some white lines on my hips. Some of my friend told me “You are so thin, it’s a shame!” Then one day they became pregnant and they realized that stretch marks have nothing to do with thinness.

Good! Let’s stop talking about problems and look to solutions. I will give you some naturals’ tips and tricks that help me to fade them. Then there are the creams that help to almost remove stretch mark. This remove stretch mark creams can be very effective but the naturals’ solutions can be too. Other women may also want accentuate the naturals’ solutions’ effect with this remove stretch mark cream. It’s up to you to choose what suits you best. For my part I did both.



Remove stretch mark cream – What is stretch marks?

It’s when there’s a tear between two layers of skin. When they appear they look like long scars. In the beginning they are reddish and they clear when they get older to become white almost the same skin’s color for the white skin. For my part which has the mixed skin, they were simply clearer and they were very showy. They are often find on the stomach, thighs, breast and the buttocks. Anyway! any places that could be seen on the beach or with a low neckline or short shorts!

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Remove stretch mark cream – Is it a sign of poor health?

I could say yes and no, because there are two kinds of stretch marks. There are those who reveal a health problem and classic stretch marks.

* stretch marks = health problems :

This stretch mark which are the symptom of health’s problem, may be due to Cushing syndrome. It is a corcticosteroid excess in the body. At that time, the stretch mark are wide, vertical and red. They sit on the abdomen, on root of the thighs and arms. The others sign could be a very fragile skin that often has bruises, muscle loss or weight gain in the belly and face.


*stretch mark = classic stretch mark :

They are thinner, more discreet and are not accompanied by any health problem. They are just ugly and embarrassing!They can also have a hormonal origin and often appear during adolescence and pregnancy. Sudden weight gain or loss can also be responsible of stretch mark because a weight gain may have stretched the skin while a weight loss may have relaxed it.

Know that we are not alone, there is, according to a statistic 80% of women who are touched by stretch marks!


Remove stretch mark cream – Tips and Tricks

I will explain to you what helped me to fade my stretch marks naturally and quickly. For the quickly I have also bought creams to strengthen the process. But you can stay with the naturals’ recipe that are very effective and doesn’t cost much.


1. Aloe Vera

The aloe vera is one of the best known remedies for cure the stretch marks. The aloe vera leaf gel is antiseptic, it heals wounds and it has collagen which also repair the skin. Collagen is super interesting for the skin because it plumps the skin and give it back its elasticity.


To be able to make this natural treatment you have to buy aloe vera leaf you can obtain on the internet and follow this instruction:

-Remove the outer layer of aloe vera leaf and bring out the sticky gel from the inside of the leaf.

-Apply the gel on the stretch marks and rinse it with water after 2 to 3 hours.

With this treatment you can also use a remove stretch mark cream, if you want reinforce the aloe vera effect.



2. Honey

Honey that is delicious with a good slice of bread or in a good herbal tea is also a disinfectant that can cure stretch marks.

-Soaked a piece of cloth with honey. Apply it on the stretch marks and let it act until it dries. And rinse with water.


For me what it works really well was aloe vera and a remove stretch mark cream. But we are all different.


3. Homemade cream

There is also a cream that I made myself and that helped me a lot. The recipe is simple and effective:

-You’ll need a mature avocado that’ll nourish the skin and aloe vera that’ll heal and appease the skin

* 1/2 mature avocado

* 1 aloe vera leaf

* 1 teaspoon of olive oil

Massage in a circular motion the area to be treated until the mixture has penetrated, leave 20 minutes and rinse.


Remove stretch mark cream – How to prevent stretch marks?

It is important to hydrate the body as much as possible in continuous way. If you don’t have any medical contraindication don’t hesitate to drink 8 glasses of water a day and add fresh fruit juice.

The exfoliation is what I use to avoid having new stretch marks, it gets rid of dead cells and my skin stays soft and clear. To do this you can use a homemade scrub made from sugar and honey. I also use a loofah sponge with my shower gel. if you have financial means you could invest in a commercial scrub. Whether it’s a commercial or homemade all the scrubbing method work pretty well.


Girls we all know that the perfection doesn’t exist. If we see the perfect body in other body’s women, it’s perhaps theses other women know how to hide their faults.

Damn it! the perfection is really boring! So even though I totally agree that stretch marks can be embarrassing, it’s not a drama to show them on the beach or anywhere else. It just means our body lives, grows during pregnancy or for any others reasons. It’s like the winkles, all this signs tell our body’s story, our emotions, our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!







  1. If that picture’s not enough to scare you about stretch marks, I don’t know what is! I like that you can put simple things to use like avocado and honey. It seems staying hydrated is great for overall skin flow. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes, the skin really need hydration and
      the avocado and honey really help for that
      and to help fade stretch mark.

  2. I have heard about the bennefis of Aloe for the sin, but I never tougth it could help to delete the stretch marks. I’ll definitely will try it.

    • Yes aloe vera is very useful but it’s better
      to take the gel directly from the leaf, it is more
      effective and less expensive.

  3. Informative post. However, may I suggest expounding some more on just how exactly can aloe vera and honey get rid of stretch mark. People would also like to know how such “natural” products work to help them solve their skin issues.

  4. I can recommend this to my wife since stretch marks are mostly in women. I will make her read this for sure.

  5. We all are aware that to be perfect is of no use. In case we see the best body in other women, it is usual to be aware of the women to hide their loopholes.

    • Ahanks for your comment.
      Absolutely agree, the perfection doesn’t exist.
      We just make some change if we can for a better feeling.

  6. Valuable post to me. Since after my third baby I have been fighting with stretch marks and there have refused to give me a breathing space. I will definitely get some aloe vera leaves to try it out. Hope it will work for me.

    • Thanks for your useful comment.
      Aloe vera is a great product, but it is better
      if you use the gel directly from the leaf of the
      plant and not from an industrial cream. It’s less
      eypensive and more efficient.
      Give me some news!

  7. This article will be very informative for the ladies having to deal with stretch marks. I have not really had this problem maybe because of my gender. Good of you to show all the same.

  8. I need these tips, I got a lot of stretch marks in my legs and stomach. I’ll try these remedies, hope it works!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes it is really effective. I tried it on
      my tigh but as these are natural product
      you have to be patient and rigorous.
      Give me some news!
      Happy new Years!

  9. I have always been worried that stretch marks were just my problem. It comforts me that it’s something that a lot of women also have. And it comforts me that there are natural solutions. I’ve always been wary about chemicals, and since I have very sensitive skin, it might pose a bigger problem than a solution in treating my stretch marks. Thanks for this great article!

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes, stretch mark is a problem for
      a lot of women, but that doesn’t prevent
      us from living. I hope my article could help you.
      Give me some news!

  10. I can’t wear shorts in public because I am too conscious about my stretchmarks. I haven’t tried the natural way of reducing them. Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      You know, you don’t have to be perfect to wear
      shorts in public.
      I hope my article could help you.
      Give me some news!

  11. l love using body lotions made of aloe vera, I didn’t know i could use the aloe vera leafs themselves. I will definitely consider using that plus honey.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, pure aloe vera from the leaf is much more effective,
      don’t hesitate to try.

  12. I got my stretch marks when I was in high school. I became fat in a short amount of time because my mom then kept allowing us to eat whatever we wanted. It’s still visible nowadays and I hope I can remove them with these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for talking about your experience.
      Yes, it could really help to fade your stretch
      marks, just be patient.
      Give some news!

  13. I have tons of stretch mark around my belly. I will try the homemade cream you suggest and see how that goes!

  14. My sister in law could use this!!! She just gave birth and I will suggest this to her for sure.

  15. I really detest people that makes jest of the other person because of stretch marks because it really an insensitive thing to do. Some stretch marks just don’t have a clear cause why there are there. Best bet is encouraging the person to seek remedies.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, some persons are not really nice
      with the faults of others. For the stretch mark, there are
      many solutions that can really help, so nobody could
      be discourage.

  16. Home made cream should work fine for my supple skin. I got some tiny stretch marks here and there on my skin and I hope it helps.

  17. I didn´t know that it was posible to remove these kind of skin marks. I have got some and they make me feel embararsaed sometimes.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s totally possible, I had some on my legs.
      If you are patient and persistent it will work for
      you too.

  18. I know olive oil is a good recipe for removing blemishes from the skin,so combining it with other items will really work wonders to the skin and stretch marks inclusive.

  19. I have been having this stubborn stretch marks for a while now. I will start with the honey remedy. I hope it helps clear it off for me.

  20. I already used aloe vera for a lot of things. I’m glad I can add stretch marks to the list

  21. Stretch mark has been a problem women deal with since time immemorial.. I see ladies spending huge wads of cash on creams just to rid themselves of this ugly lines..Thanks for sharing..I hope ladies with stretch marks find your write up useful…

  22. My sister is worrying about her stretch marks after she gave birth, I will go ahead and tell her about this.

  23. There is a certain cream (forgot the name/brand) that is quiet effective at removing scars so I tried it hoping to remove my stretchmarks. It didn’t really remove them but instead it lightened them. They are still visible though.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      With the natural remedies, you have
      to insist longer but the stretch marks can

  24. The aloe vera and honey sound like really good cures. I think with all of the remedies you suggested, you have to be patient before seeing full results.

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