Shrink Pores Naturally – Amazing and effective natural solutions

Hello welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about this small holes that allow our skin to breath, but can also give it a look so rough when they are too wide. The pores of the skin are of course very useful, but if we don’t take care of it they can become pretty ugly. I had for a while the pores of my skin face widened around my nose, and I can tell you that it gave to my skin an old appearance that I didn’t like at all. Moreover, who likes to look old? No one even the elderly!

I tried many methods that worked well, peeling like the TCA, creams and natural lotions. What I like the most and that I use now often, these are natural method that I made with everyday products then to have your skin as smooth as a small cheeks of a baby, follow the guide!



Shrink Pores Naturally – Why?

When our skin ages, the pores of the skin expend more and more. Especially on the face and cheeks which can be annoying. As the pores are larger there is more easily dirt that is settled, what follows are comedons and blackheads. And the skin has a rough appearance. This problem is often found on combination skin and oily skin, as they are thicker they produce more sebum and it accumulates on the surface of the skin. Which produces blackheads and comedons.

This can be caused by a poor skin cleansing, by products that choke the skin or simply because of the age that causes the skin to lose its elasticity. This is a problem that often happen in the forties, because the skin loses its elasticity while the glands continue to produce sebum. The skin pores diameter can double between 25 and 50 years old, tobacco and a too long exposure to the sun can worst the problem.

The sun can aggravate the problem because it weakens the structure of the skin, damaging the collagen and elastin that allow to the skin to remain firm and supple. As the skin around our pores is less firm and less supple, the pores begin to sag and widen.




Shrink Pores Naturally -Amazing and effective natural solutions

There are several ways to shrink the pores naturally, but don’t forget that pores are friends of our skin. They protect and lubricate the skin, but we don’t need to see them appear so distinctly, they will still do their job. So here are some recipes with everyday products to shrink the pores naturally.



It’s a great duo! The astringent power  of the baking powder and the power antiseptic of the lemon helps to shrink the pores naturally and eliminate blackheads.

Mix a packet of baking powder with 4 teaspoons of lemon juice, then let stand for 10 minutes before using it. Then put the paste on your face for 20 minutes, finally rinse properly.




If you have read my article about the vitamin C serum you know that this vitamin is very useful for the skin.


To rejuvenate your skin recover the juice of an orange. Soak a cotton pad that you will dab on your skin. Let the orange juice penetrate your skin for 5 minutes and rinse.

The effect will be immediate! Don’t’ expose your skin to the sun after this skin care, your skin will become sensitive to the UV ray or you can apply a sunscreen. It’s better to do this at night and to make it once a week.





The steam bath is very effective at shrink pores naturally, This tips helps to remove impurities, excess sebum, fat and blackheads.

Heat water in saucepan until it begin to boil, pour it into a basin and lean your face on it, then cover your head with a towel. Let the steam works on your skin for 10 minutes. Clean your face with cold water, this will help to shrink your pores and tone your skin.




Egg white contains an enzyme that has antibacterial properties that prevent pimples and blackheads. In addition, it contains another enzyme that firm skin and shrink pores naturally.

Take an egg white and mix it with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the face, avoiding the eyes contour and the mouth contour. Let stand until it dries. Rinse with cold water.

Make this mask once a week to not irritate the skin and in the evening because the lemon on the skin makes it sensitive.





Shrink Pores Naturally -With lotions and creams

If you don’t have time to prepare natural potion’s miracle for shrink pores naturally, you can still use commercial products. Me, I also use cream but based on natural ingredients. Never forget to purify your skin before using a cream to shrink the pores. It’s good to do it with a soft skin brush and a skin soap.

With oily or combination skin, you must take the time to choose a quality cream that contain citric acid that will have an immediate effect on the firming of pores and that will rid the skin of dead skin.

Watch out silicone cream, they are often call “minimizer pores”, they have an impressing effect but many of this silicone-rich creams only cover the pores and have a no long-term effect. The pores will reappear as soon as the make up removal. Overtime, the silicon clogs more and more the skin pores, thus widening them. It’s better to buy creams that tighten each pores of the skin, even if they have less rapid results.



(go to skin care- scrub&mask)

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Shrink Pores Naturally – How to prevent

– Moisturize your face with special creams to shrink skin pores. If you use cream adapted to your skin, it will be a good complement to the natural remedies that I have proposed above.

– Exfoliation, when the skin has too many impurities it must be unclogged and the exfoliation help to regenerate the pores. The pores become narrower and begin to evacuate the impurities well. Don’t hesitate to reread my article on natural peels.

– TCA peel, that you can make to a dermatologist or at home. It gives to your skin a new life. Reread my article about my experience with the TCA peel at home.

– A healthy lifestyle, you can do all the care of the world with the best creams that exist, nothing will be in the long term if you don’t have a healthy life. Tobacco, stress, a contraceptive pill that doesn’t fit, poor diet, fatigue can be responsible of a thick, rough skin. You have to take care of yourself outside and inside the body to get a good balance.


-The sun could have a negative effect on your skin poes if you don’t protect your skin.



Shrink Pores Naturally – Conclusion

The skin is a complex organ that is constantly moving. It’s up to us to adapt to its evolution to keep a radiant complexion. To help our skin to evolve positively, even if the years advance, it’s necessary to keep as much as possible a good hygiene of life. I don’t say that we must eat only carrots and salads! We just have to be careful to stay healthy, so that all the care we provide to shrink pores naturally will be effective in the long term.


Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon! 


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  1. Great share..skin pores is something I detest. When the pores are wide,you have an ugly look.I don’t have time for mixing things..using creams and lotions that shrink pores works for me

  2. Finally the solutions to all of my problems! I’ve been having so much problems with my face (pimples and the likes) and this is what I just need. Thank you very much for the tips!

  3. i have been reading a lot on this topic because i have large pores and yes, cosmetic coverage is just temporary fix.
    i love that you share some home remedies for this process and i will give it a try right away!
    thank you for this posting

    • Thanks for your comment.
      When you use cosmetics and you have skin problem,
      the cosmetics will often make the problem worse.
      It’s better to wear makeup on healthy skin.

  4. This large pores can be very annoying on the face as you cannot hide them. I love you give natural solutions that are very basic, like lemon.

  5. I’m so excited about this post because my mum will be so happy to try out these remedies, she has the wide pores on her face and hope any of these will be very helpful.

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful advices, I have suffered of greasy skin and wild pores that make look my skin ugly. I’ll try your method to help my condittion.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes the gresy skin often leads to pores enlargement.
      I hope my tips will help you.
      Give me some news!

  7. Baking powder and lemon seem a very good combination.since the astringent power of the baking powder and the power antiseptic of the lemon help to shrink the pores naturally and also helps keep blackheads away.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes the baking soda is a great remediy for clean the skin,
      the lemon helps to clean the scars et lighten the skin.

  8. I think people with wide pores should try out the orange juice solution. I’m very sure it will help to rejuvenate your skin and keep it better.

  9. The steam bath sounds like a very soothing solution. The egg mask and lotions look very effective as well. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Steam bath is a very great tips, it will help you
      to clean your skin deeply and the egg mask will realy firm your skin.

  10. It’s great that there are so many household items you can use to shrink your pores. Keeping your skin clean and staying hydrated are key ways to maintain healthy skin in-correspondence with the natural solutions or ones prescribed by your doctor. I like your vitamin C serum the best!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Great you like the vitamin C serum, I hope it helps you!
      Yes, it’s better to hydrate yourself and have a healthy life.
      But you will always have natural remedies for help you on my skinsatin blog if you need!

  11. I may need this for my oily skin most of all. I know that my skin type has advantages but still I wanna reduce that sticky feeling in my face.

  12. Fortunately it is not an issue for me. Yes I may have oily skin but not to the point of panic. It produces more breakouts sure but not those I cannot manage. Overall , I am just leaving it alone because I do not want to irritate it.

  13. I dont have issues with pores but can relate when it comes to pimples and blackhead. Will definitely adopt to your method to make my face clearer. Thanks

  14. It will be helpful to moisturize and exfoliate the skin which will help to shrink the pores and regenerate it too.

  15. I have tried egg before and it worked. The downside is that it is kind of messy. I would like to try the orange juice next. I have some face mask and I will let it absorb orang juice and treat it as any other face mask.

  16. Oh my God thank you so much this made my day even better. I am so worried about my pores and I couldn’t get rid of it. I don’t like going out, I often use 3 application of foundations just to keep my pores. But since I found this, my pimple healed easily and I have no problem with that at least it will go away. Thank you so much for this wonderful help I really appreciate it :).

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