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Welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about a very crippling and unpleasant skin problem that is psoriasis. Its hereditary disease from which many people suffer. The father of one of my friend was affected and he suffers for years, despite the medical treatment. He was unable to relieve himself. At each new crisis it could be so horrible that he took work breaks of several days.

His wife who couldn’t stand to her husband suffer, tried to relieve him in addition to medication. She asked question around her in her family and friends. She ended up overcoming her husband’s problem through natural healing. Today the father of my friend still suffer from psoriasis, but the crisis are much less strong and less frequent.

Thanks for my friend, I have natural solutions to treat psoriasis naturally. I am not going to tell you to stop your medical treatment, but I can assure you that they will comfort you and really heal you. Follow the guide!



Treat psoriasis naturally – What is it ?

We don’t really know the origin of this disease. We know it can start because of psychological problems such as stress or depression. But psoriasis is often hereditary. It’s the most common skin disease. Doctor noted that the person with psoriasis had liver and intestine that were struggling to eliminate toxins. Because of this immune system problem, the skin reacts by dividing and renewing its cells too quickly. For this reason the skin thicken and desquamates, which causes uncomfortable itching.

There may be several forms of psoriasis. The lighter one affects small area of the skin, and the more serious stretches on larger surfaces of the skin. The form of the psoriasis of the scalp affect 50% of the affected people. There is the form of nail psoriasis, The nail of the hands and the foot deform and come off.

Psoriasis affects the skin but it’s also psychologically difficult to bear. If the psoriasis is not treated it can take more and more space on the skin and increasing the risk of having diabetes or stroke. It must not be forgotten that is the immune system that is affected, so the body could weaken more and more. Then it has to be treated with effectively and as soon as possible.



Treat psoriasis naturally – Natural treatment

As I explain you above, medicine doesn’t know why this disease starts and why the immune system behave this way. But there are drugs or natural remedies that help sufferers to get rid of the psoriasis. Treat psoriasis naturally or medically may not help you get rid of it permanently but this natural treatment will help and relieve you.



ALOE VERA for treat psoriasis naturally:

If you read my blog for a while you know that aloe vera is one of the best skincare and healing treatments.

For the skin:

– Cut a fleshy piece of aloe vera leaf in its middle, with the scissors removing the thorns.

– Rinse in water and slice it in half in its thickness.

– With a spoon scratch the inside to take the pulp from the leaf.

– Apply directly on the irritated skin this transparent and gelatinous substance.






For the scalp:

– Cut a fleshy piece of aloe vera leaf in its middle, with the scissors removing the thorns.

– Rinse in water and slice it in half in its thickness.

– With a spoon scratch the inside to take the pulp from the leaf.

– Beat the gel in the blender to make it creamy and adding a little water.

– with your fingertips massage your hair with this aloe vera cream before your shampoo. Or if you do it daily, do it before going to bed and let the gel work all night.






TURMERIC AS POULTICE for treat psoriasis naturally:

Turmeric has a very powerful anti-inflamatory, anti-microbe, anti-viral action and it works really well against psoriasis. It will be necessary to use the poultice on the affected area and if you need on the scalp.

– Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a little water to have a homogeneous and supple dough.

– Apply directly to the affected area, using a brush or your finger cleaned.

– Leave for 10 to 15 minutes then remove.




BANANA SKIN for treat psoriasis naturally:

I know that sounds completely crazy but banana skin has many talents and it heals a lot of skin problems. The white part of the banana skin is rich in malic acid.

-Rub the inside of your banana skin on the area affected by the psoriasis. Repeat this treatment every day.

– At the beginning of the treatment the affected area will become redder than before. It’s completely normal don’t worry. After a few days you will already notice a difference.

Learn how bananas can save your skin


Treat psoriasis naturally – Medical Solutions

We must not forget that psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that doesn’t heal. We never know when a new crisis can happen it is the same way for eczema. But medical treatment can relieve symptoms. This treatment are applied directly on the affected area. This treatment will reduce patch and the number of crisis. But it’s very difficult even impossible to reach a total recovery. As when treating psoriasis naturally, it’s often necessary to try several treatments to find the effective one.

Like all natural or medical treatment you have to be regular and here follow the instructions of the doctor. It’s true it can be tiring but it’s the only solution to arrive at a good result.

Most of the medical treatment are cream or ointments that are put on the patches. Sometimes the doctor uses phototherapy or medication that much more powerful to calm the skin. Unfortunately, unlike the natural treatment, the body can become resistant to drug treatments.




Treat psoriasis naturally – Prevention

We may not able to cure definitively psoriasis, but we can avoid anything that could trigger it. You must learn to protect your skin to prevent a crisis and its aggravation. Trigger can be:



Apply a thick layer of sunscreen, before going out on sunny day to avoid sunburn. But don’t take flavored sunscreen because they can irritate the skin.



When you go out in the wild, prefer pant and long sleeves to avoid injuries to your skin.

Avoid insect bites by applying insect repellent to your skin, avoid being out on summer night because of the mosquitoes.

If you hurt your skin, treat it very quickly for avoiding affections.

Try to stop smoking and avoid passive smoke, limit your alcohol intake.



Treat psoriasis naturally – Conclusion

As I told you to the beginning of my article, psoriasis is difficult disease to treat. You really need to be aware that it can resurface anytime. But don’t be discourage and don’t give up a treatment that you will start. You have to adjust it and ask advice to specialist or those who live the same skin problem. There will always be a solution for you.

Treating psoriasis naturally is really effective but if you take medical treatment don’t’stop it to change for a natural treatment without your doctor approval. He may be able to advise you of another natural treatment that will be compatible with the medicine you are taking.

We all have different bodies that react differently. What will work for me, may not work for you. So don’t be discourage and try to treat psoriasis naturally if you can. I saw it with my eyes it can really help.



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Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!


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  1. Never knew that banana skin can help you treat psoriasis! You learn something new everyday. Anyways, thank you for the helpful tips! It means a lot to me and my sister.

  2. I have just saved this page for a facebook friend that asked about some simple cure for psoriasis on my timeline yesterday. She will find this post very useful.

  3. This site is a very valuable site because its content is very educating, Good that the natural things we can use in curing psoriasis are available especially the banana skin which is easily seen everywhere.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      The natural remedies may be less
      fast than chemicals but they are cheap and highly effectve.

  4. Psoriasys can be a terrible skin condittion in some cases, Aloe really helps to improve the skin, as you said.

  5. I’ve read a lot about psoriasis, but this is the first time I’ve seen images and grasped how brutal it can be. I think you made a very solid point, that it can be treated, but not cured entirely, so you should always have remedies available before it resurfaces. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I tried to be honnest because it’s a skin problem
      very difficult to manage so it’s better to know that
      this is not miracle solutions.

  6. The banana and Aloe Vera are my favourite remedies that you mentioned. They all seem pretty easy to apply and not too pricey. It might be to someone’s advantage to daily moisturize themselves and stay deeply hydrated if psoriasis runs in their family.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes the bananas and aloe vera cure a lot of skin problems
      and you can find it very easily.

  7. I know someone who needs this badly. I will bookmark this page and have him see it. It will help him for sure.

  8. I do not know about such disease but I will share this to create awareness. It is unfortunate to those who have this but it can be cured. If not completely at least kept to a minimum.

  9. Wowww, psoriasis could really be a discomforting issue. Thanks for sharing your methods for treating this issue.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes psoriasis is a difficult situation, but
      there is a lot natural and medical solutions.


  10. I like the conclusion of this post, where it is stated that psoriasis can resurfaced any time and people shouldn’t relent in their efforts in fighting it all the time.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes with this kind of skin problem,
      there will never be a total remission.
      The people who suffer from this deasese have to know that.
      Psoriasis is a continue effort.

  11. I hate the fact that psoriasis doesn’t just affect one physically but also psychologically which can be way depressing if one isn’t taking things easy until it gets treated.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes psoriasis could really be a
      sad situation. The first thing to do
      is to see a specialist. The doctor can give
      the first advices.

  12. Wow, good to know that the banana skin is medicine for psoriasis. Next time I come across someone suffering from this condition i will recommend.

  13. I have never suffered from this disease, but from the photos and your description it seems like a painful and disturbing condition. The fact that its hereditary makes it worse. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

  14. I had this and I treated it with what I have read here, it heals properly and fast, Naturally saved myself without spending money going to hospitals, clinics for check up, there are so many natural resources we could use for our body and it is very safe than using medical and more.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you helped yourself it’s good. But when
      you have this kind of skin problems like
      psoriasis or eczema, it’s better to consult a specialist.
      The natural solutions are very good but this kind of
      skin problems need to be diagnosed.

  15. I would definitely recommend this to my friend who’s suffering from psoriasis.This is great article.

    • Thank for your comment.
      The psoriasis could be very really be handicapping.
      Your friend shouldn’t hesitate to go to see a specialist,
      to have several solutions. But natural solutions can really help.

  16. I just like natural remedies for skin problem though it may be less
    fast than chemicals but they are cheap and highly effectve. It can be used by all.

  17. Aloe vera seem like one of the best remedy for almost
    all the skin problems because it can be used for most skin problems I know.

  18. It’s good to target psoriasis early on before it gets to its harshest state. Very good tips for different parts of the body and for outdoor conditions. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Great advice. I especially like the tumeric as poultice option and the banana peel. It’s definitely helpful too to try and keep your stress level down by getting plenty of rest and eating healthy. Thanks for the informative article.

  20. I just called the attention of my friend to this post. She has been battling psoriasis for a while now. She has hers on the scalp and it really get itchy for her most times. Never knew it could be hereditary.

  21. I know someone who has this condition and deeply affected their self confidence. I can suggest this to them and somehow help them out.

  22. I had this on my face before and it was pretty embarrassing. Although it was pretty much a mild one. These articles helped me a lot and that is a good thing. However, in severe cases you may need medications.

  23. I will have to plant this aloe vera. It can be very helpful to our skin. I know some people even drink it too still for one skin problem or the other.

  24. Turmeric seem very valuable with this properties of being anti-inflammatory, anti-microbe, anti-viral substance and it works really well against psoriasis. I wonder when we can actually apply it would it be mostly at night.

  25. You wrote that Treating psoriasis naturally or medically may not help you get rid of it permanently so is it that there’s no permanent cure for psoriasis?

    • Thanks fo your comment.
      Unfortunately, there is no permanent remission
      for the moment. It is a hereditary desease and the
      treatment relieve the symptoms.

  26. I will recommend that people battling this skin problem try out the different remedies available. There’s no harm in trying.

  27. Wow, I didn’t know banana skin can help treat psoriasis. I hope it works for me.

  28. Aloe vera is the best remedy for almost every skin problem. It helped me with my psoriasis!

  29. I have never heard of psoriasis before but from your write up,I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.. I hope your tips work for those struggling with this skin disease..

  30. This is a great post on how to remedy psoriasis naturally. I never knew that Banana skin can be quite helpful. Indeed every day is a learning day. Thank you for this helpful post.

  31. This is very informative!Will recommend this to my friend who’s suffering from psoriasis.

  32. It’s good to know there are so many options available between the natural ones you mentioned and the ones that are doctor prescribed. It’s important to be aware that the illness can resurface at any moment and to take all the health precautions listed to treat it as best as you can. Thanks for the helpful article.

  33. I can see how some cases are much more severe than others. It’s good to be aware of the causes you mentioned to treat psoriasis and prevent it if it runs in your family. Staying hydrated and relieving stress is also good for any skin condition.

  34. It is good to know that even everyday foods can help cure if not reduce skin problems. I did not even know that since I am not into fruits. However, I found a new respect for it, considering its perks.

  35. This is odd. All I think when it comes to Aloe Vera is a shampoo or a soap product. I am being serious here. I know it has benefits but not to this extent since this is an advance skin problem. Good read and useful info.

  36. I’ve never heard of psoriasis but looking at the pic it’s really scary. I sure hope anyone who suffers finds these tips useful.

  37. I feel for anyone who may suffer this disease. I’m glad there are at least ways to control it even if not fully heal it.

  38. Astrid great job sensitizing people on this less known but disheartening condition. Your research and advice is top notch and I applaud you for this.

  39. Oh wow, who would have thought banana peels could have such important uses. Color me pleasantly surprised.

  40. My uncle has been suffering psoriasis for a very long time. I wonder if these natural remedies will still work for him. It’s not so bad to give it a try.

  41. My aunt has a lot of aloe vera plant, I don’t know if she prepares them for skin application for her husband who has psoriasis. I’m going to let her know that there are other options aside from aloe vera. Turmeric is useful too!

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