Urticaria treatment – Natural and Medical remedies

Welcome back to my skinsatin blog! Today I want to talk about urticaria treatment. Urticaria is a skin problem who can touch everyone. Indeed, hives can make you live difficult at any age, anytime. There are people at risk, but that doesn’t mean that you or I can not be touched by this skin problem. Fortunately, there are natural or medical solutions that can really help. Then to understand what is urticaria and find an urticaria treatment that suits you follow the guide!

Urticaria treatment – What is it ?

It is a rash of red patches and itching on the skin. This may remind you of bites of nettles. But urticaria is not a disease, it’s our body that sends us a signal that something is upsetting it.

Urticaria can show itself on several forms so there is more than one way to make an urticaria treatment. It can be in the form of:

– pink or red plates of different sizes and shapes that we often have on the arms, legs and torso.

– very strong itch that ends up leaving us traces on the body by scratching us.

– in some cases, there may be edema often on the face, hands or feet.

The appearance and disappearance of urticaria is very fast. The urticaria can appear in a few minutes and disappear an hour later without leaving scars or spots.

Everyone can be affected by urticaria, especially women. The most common causes of urticaria are:

– Taking certain medicines.

– Excessive consumption of certain foods.

– Exposure to too cold or too hot

Urticaria treatment can be quite complicated because the cause of an attack of urticaria is very numerous. To get rid of urticaria and find an urticaria treatment effective, the first thing to do is to find the cause. But there are even natural or medical solutions that can relieve and cure an urticaria crisis

Urticaria treatment -Natural Solution

If the urticaria is not treated, it may disappear within a few hours. But it could reappear in another acute or chronic form. So don’t hesitate to try a natural urticaria treatment at home, as you will see, there are several natural treatment that can help you.


It may seem a little strange, but pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain and it helps to reduce the swelling and redness of the urticaria crisis.

You will need:

4 or 5 pieces of pineapple, canned pineapple also fits

Crush the pieces of pineapple and place the pineapple puree in a small cotton towel. Close the cotton towel by the corners with an elastic band. Put the cotton bag on the urticaria area. You can use it throughout the day as long as you need it. It will be necessary to place pineapples in a hermetic box and in the fridge during the day each time you are finished your application. But you will have to change pineapple pieces every day.

You can also put the pineapple pieces directly on the skin if you don’t have a cotton towel, but the bromelain will be more present if the pineapple is crushed.


Baking soda can be a good urticaria treatment and relieve the itching of hives.

You will need:

– 1 tablespoon of baking soda – water

Mix the baking soda with enough water to create a paste. To be sure that you don’t put too much water in the baking soda, start with some drops and more if you need it.

With the use of your finger or a plastic spatula spread the paste on your urticaria area. Put in as much as you need and rinse with cold water.


The onion has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which makes it very effective in urticaria treatment. It may burn a little at first but the most importantly it will relieve you.

You will need:

– 1 onion

Cut the onion into slices and place on the urticaria area. Cover with a bandage and leave for at least half an hour. If your urticaria is on a larger surface, then cut the onion in half and rub over the entire urticaria area and don’t rinse.

Urticaria treatment -Medical Solution

Unfortunately, there is no medical urticaria treatment to eliminate the causes of urticaria permanently.

As I have explained to you above, the urticaria is extinguished by itself after a few hours. But to prevent urticaria from coming back, your doctor can prescribe you an urticaria treatment. What your doctor will first try to find are the causes that trigger your urticaria. So that you can avoid what triggers your urticaria crisis. Then, if necessary, your doctor may prescribe antisthaminics for a few days.

If the urticaria spreads on your body or there is edema on parts of your body and your urticaria has not become chronic, your doctor may prescribe chorticoids.

If your urticaria spreads in your mouth, such as on your tongue, or palate, your doctor will prescribe an emergency urticaria treatment adrenaline-based in spray or intravenous treatment.

If your urticaria regularly triggers edema, your doctor will prescribe an emergency kit that you must keep with you all the time to deflate quickly.

It is not so simple to treat urticaria medically and there can be plenty of side effects with this type of medicine, but if it is necessary, don’t hesitate. Health before all!

Urticaria treatment – Prevention

As for medical care where it is difficult to find the right urticaria treatment, hives are really hard to prevent. What might be interesting is to find out what triggers or aggravates the seizures. To be sure of what triggers your urticaria, it would be nice to note the time and day your urticaria start. And also to write down everything you eat to know what you have swallowed or the medicine you took 24 hours before the urticaria started.

There are several studies that have shown that stress can be a source of urticaria. It would be nice to learn to relax by walking around, reading books or an activity that relaxes you.

Don’t hesitate to go to your doctor for diagnosis because it is very easy and fast to know if you suffer from urticaria. Your doctor will give you allergy tests to find out what triggers your seizures and it will be easier for you to avoid being in touch with what may be harming you.

Urticaria treatment – Conclusion

Urticaria is a symptom that tells you that your body is stressed by a substance that makes you sick, or that you are too nervous and that it is stressing your body. But it is difficult to know immediately what that can come from. It may take a long time before you can protect yourself from the source of the problem. Fortunately, there are natural solutions for treating urticaria quickly, but there are some cases where a doctor’s intervention is needed. So I will not tell you enough really don’t hesitate to consult a specialist to help you get better.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!


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