Zeta White Review -100% safe lighter skin with natural products

Welcome back to my skinsatin blog. Today I want to make a review on the products of the brand ZETA WHITE. These are lightening products that I tested, used over several months and really appreciate. I will talk about each product separately so that you can understand their actions on the skin. Let’s get started!

Zeta White – Products overview

Zeta White is a skin lightening product line made from plants. I found them very effective and I replaced with these creams my chemical-base creams that damaged my skin. This lightening products can be applies individually or using the full range. Personally, I use the full range for a better result. There’s no side effect because the products are not chemical and there’s no hydroquinone.

Thanks to deep scientific research Zeta White’s products work on toughest skin. I assure you that I have a really difficult skin.

Zeta White – 3-point skin whitening system

Melanin which is one of the substances responsible for the skin tone, can also darken the skin over time. The skin darkening depend on age, degree on sun exposure and other factors. These 3 procducts acting together cure the skin in a few weeks.

Zeta White – My Review on the 3-point whitening system


Product: Lightening face wash review

Where to buy:zetawhite.com

Price: $48.85

My Rating: 8.5 /10

Skin cleansing is the most important step because it removes all the impurities that could darken the skin. So this is the first and the most important step. It’s a liquid soap that has an incredibly delicious smell. As it made with natural components it doesn’t foam much but it doesn’t make it less effective. It’s a lightening soap that some people use individually. But I assure you it’s a much more effective use with the other two products. That’s why I didn’t put it 10/10, it cleans the skin very well but alone it doesn’t really lighten the complexion. So that the lightening soap really effective, it must be used twice a day; morning and evening.

What makes the fragrance so delicious is the papaya extract that lighten the skin and the lemon extract than retains the melanin. Personally, I am very happy with this product which is not aggressive. I have a very fragile and difficult skin and I had no irritation.

Direction for use:

You just have to apply a small soap amount on the wet skin while doing a circular massage. Once the skin has absorbed the soap rinse and dry the skin. For better result, it’s nice to supplement with the lightening moisturizing cream and the night lightening cream.


Product: lightening moisturizer

Where to buy: zetawhite.com

Price: $48.85

My Rating: 9/10

If like me, you want to use the three products, it’s the second and the last step of the morning cleansing face. It’s a cream that like the soap smells very good. It’s light and quickly absorbed by the skin. You have to put a good amount for each application so that it’s effective. That’s why I didn’t put 10/10, it’s very effective but the bottle ends pretty quickly, as every morning you have to put a good amount.

What I love is that’s a brightening cream with multi use. On this one, Zeta White really made it! What is great is that this cream is use to lighten the skin, protect from the sun damage and can be use as makeup base. Realize that all this, is done with a single product made with natural component.

The strength of this product comes from a main ingredient that is licorice extract. It’s this ingredient that mainly brighten the skin and protect from sun damage. The time I use this product with the other two products my skin remained without stains or pimples. I have no complaints except that it ends up a little fast.

Direction for use:

After you cleaned your face with the lightening soap, apply a fair amount of the lightening cream on the face. Massage the face gently as with your daily cream.


Product: lightening night cream

Where to buy: zetawhite.com

Price: $48.85

My Rating: 9/10

It is the third and the last step of the day. It is always good and more effective to use this lightening night cream after the lightening face wash. Like all the product of this brand, this last cream smells very very good and is very very light. The first time I used this cream I didn’t understand its usefulness. After two weeks of use, I realized that my skin was much smoother than the week before and clearer.

This is because the Zeta White lightening night cream removes all the dead cells that our skin make in the day and helps the skin to regenerate faster. It also helps me to scare my acne pimples that wanted to settle on my skin, because it’s also anti-inflamatory. The main ingredient for softening, healing and lightening the skin is the Allantoine which is mainly found in up-market cream.

So we arrive at the last stage of Zeta White’s 3 points program. 

Zeta White – Is it a safe product?

These are products that are make directly from natural sources. There is a lot of clinical test so they are pretty safe. As they are 100% natural there’s no dangerous side effects. If you usually have allergies, it’s still better to seek the advises of a doctor.

It’s a unisex product. Except if your doctor doesn’t advise you this product for the reasons of allergies it can be uses on a long term.

You have to know that the Zeta White’s product don’t change the natural skin complexion but simply equalize it. These products fight the unnatural darkening of the skin that affects all skin color.


Testing these products has been very interesting for me. I was afraid my skin would become too bright, but not at all. My skin has kept its color and become much more equal. I first tested this product separately but the system of this product is much more efficient together.

If you want to have a united a brighter skin these products are for you. But if you want your skin to whiter it is not this product.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope my solutions could help you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

So have a good day or a good evening! Stay cool, sexy and see you soon!



  1. Thank you for giving a more hands-on review of Zeta White. However, would it be possible to also make a side-by-side comparison with other similar systems in the market? It would really be interesting to know how the Zeta will fare amidst the stiff competition.

  2. I will highly recommend Zeta White skin lightening product line since it made from plants. I alwsys like plant based product’s. there are always very effective and can replaced creams that are chemical-base creams that damaged the skin.

    • Thanks for your post.
      Yes, Zeta White is one of the best products
      I’ve tried. It’s natural from head to
      toes and very effective.

  3. Zeta white will worth the buy. I like Skin cleansing products like this.since they help removes all the impurities that could darken the skin. I really like products with good smell and is effective with cleaning..

    • Thanks for your coomment.
      Yes this are very effective product who works
      on all skin’s type and 100% natural.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Thank you to suggest Zeta White product.
      This are really great products for the skin and 100% natural.

  4. Wow, great ratings and plant based ingredients. The prices aren’t too bad either when you factor in no side effects and healthier skin. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, when you have a good product
      it’s better to give it try if you can.
      Zeta White really worth it!

  5. Natural products are indeed the best there is. Personally, I don’t really applying many things on my face/skin so I think it’s best for me to start with the moisturizer first.

  6. I have not heard of this product with all of this glutation stuff. Is it in this too? I hope I can see it on stores.

  7. Glad to know these products, and yes, I believe that they are effective but, they are very expensive as well. So, I hope there are alternatives.

  8. I’m in dire need of moisturizer. Thankfully, there’s the Zeta White solution presented on your article. Skin lightening is a definite bonus.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Yes, Zeta White is really a great brand,
      very soft and with natural product.

  9. Well explained in step by step for easy use. I know a friend of mine who use so many products just to lighten her skin, this will be wonderful for her.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I really hope it will helps your friend because
      Zeta White is a really great brand with natural product which
      is good for the skin.

  10. I’m happy with my skin but just need to even out my tone, sounds like this is definitely worth the a try!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, Zeta White are great natural products.
      I you can, try it. If you can’t my blog is
      full of natural remedies that could help you.

  11. I’m impressed with the performance aspects of the product. However, I doubt whether the cream will be available here. It seems the product is worth trying.

  12. Thank you for the recommendation dear! I was wondering what products I should use since I don’t really know how to pick. Looks like I might use Zeta white soon.

  13. With the high rating given to this product Zeta white, it worth the buy, with less than $50 one can get one for a good use which will work magic on the skin.

  14. I always like moisturizers because they work perfectly well with my skin type. I’m sure the moisturizer will just blend with my skin to give it the perfect outlook.

  15. Thanks for this review..I was against the product until I got to a part where you said it unifies the skin while maintaining your skin tone.That means its not a lightning cream.. I will love to try it

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s not lightening cream, not at all.
      When we say lightening it because it lighten
      the dark spot, the hyperpigmentation for
      give you back your original skin tone.

  16. I am using a skin whitening product and it suits me. I think Zeta White is better since it is a natural product. Nice review.

  17. What a nice product, I think it can help me clear the hyperpigmentation produced by sun. the best of all is that the product is not agressive with skin.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I’m sure this product can help you.
      It worked so well on my skin.
      Give me some news!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing this info. I have been searching for as safe skin lightener for a while now. I’ll definitely try it out.

  19. I have quite a tough skin and I’m happy that this product caters to people like me too. I’m sold 🙂

  20. Any one looking for plant based lightening product that has no side effect .which try zeta white range of products.

  21. I so love cream that isn’t chemical based and has no hydroquinone in it. It does a better job on the skin and from the review here zeta white can be trusted with that.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, Zeta White is a very great product.
      This brand respects the skin, they don’t use any
      chemicals in their creams!

  22. What I like most about this Zeta White is because it’s a product line made from plants.And natural things means effectiveness . So one doesn’t just throw away money.

  23. From this post I can safely say Zeta white is safe for everyone since it a unisex product. So we can all try it out.

  24. I think those with tough and difficult skin like mine should use Zeta white because it does justice to tough skin too. There’s no side effect because the products are not chemical and there’s no hydroquinone too.

  25. Zeta white is one product that isn’t agressive on the skin. The extracts in it helps to lighten the skin and also retains the melanin. Nice product I must say.

  26. Zeta white moisturizer will sure give my skin,the needed moisture. Awesome product for anyone that needs an awesome skin.

  27. Zeta white night cream is all I see. With that high rating, nothing will stop me from trying it out. It will be nice on my skin.

  28. Zeta is truly effective and organic too. Skin is so delicate and we need to use organic products.

  29. It always good to give a good product a chance it might not be cheap but it will worth the usage. No side effects too

  30. Zeta white looks a great brand with effective product for the skin. I hope their service is worldwide, so that anyone can get it despite one’s location. Will be needing it.

  31. Can we safely say this is a quick action cream because it seems it will do a fast job of giving the skin the smoothness it deserves?

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The speed of results depends on each person.
      But this are really effective products.

  32. It’s 100% natural, thats my catch. I love dealing with natural products especially when it comes to applying it on my face.

  33. The product is unisex, thats great. This means that if I have one we can use it with my hubby, very economical.

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